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MC Frontalot - Solved

Posted on the 05 October 2011 by Ripplemusic
MC Frontalot  -  Solved
Hello.  Thank you very much for choosing The Ripple Effect for your promotional needs.  We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly spread the word about our clients’ new projects and ventures.  They put their trust in this company, the worldwide leader in the application of advanced advertising and overwhelming wave-based marketing strategies, and we reward them with concrete results.  The Ripple Effect operates in every social medium available; TV, film, print, the Internet, word of mouth, street corners, politics, laser etchings on the face of  the moon, etc.  For proof of what The Ripple can do for you please watch the accompanying DVD, which contains highlights of our TV campaign surrounding the release of MC Frontalot’s newest album, Solved.
Infomercial #1:  (set in a bright, well-lit studio lot)
“Hold on a second Mr. Penfold.  You’re telling me that one purchase will make all of my problems disappear!?”
“That’s right Mike!”
“All of my problems?”
“All of your problems!  Using the sage wisdom MC Frontalot delivers on his newest album, all of the problems in your life will be solved!”
“That’s incredible!  I just can’t believe it!”
“Believe it Mike!  Look, I have an English accent.  That means whatever I tell you must be true!”
Informercial #2: (takes place in a darkened one-on-one interview room)
“Now Mr. Frontalot…”
“Please, call me MC Frontalot.”
“Of course.  My apologies.  MC Frontalot, you have a new album that just came out?”
“Yes.  It’s entitled Solved.”
“I see.  Now, it’s come to my attention that the powers that be don’t want people to hear your album.  Is this correct?”
“Sadly yes.  They know that the information held within my songs will not only save people a lot of money, but will also stimulate areas of their brains glossed over by most mainstream artists.”
“And this threatens them and their positions of power?”
“Absolutely!  They’re trying to keep people in the dark, but my album will shed light on the truth!”
Liability Game Show:
“I’ll take Important Music of the New Millennium for four hundred Alec.”
“Alright, here’s the clue.  His newest album features a song called ‘Stoop Sale’, with lyrics that not only describe an urban yard sale but also detail humanity’s struggle between greed and doing right by others.”
“Who is MC Frontalot?”
“That is correct.  Choose again.”
MC Frontalot  -  SolvedAlmost Crossing Over with Ron Sezwords:
“Ladies and gentlemen we have a very special guest with us today.  His name is MC Frontalot.  He is an expert in the field of the not quite dead and is here to assist those in the audience currently dealing with friends or loved ones in that terrible state.  So MC Frontalot, let’s get right down to it.  What helpful information can you share with us today?”
“First of all thanks for having me your show Ron.  As you know the not quite dead, or zombies as they're affectionately known, are becoming increasingly common sights around the world.  The single most important thing to remember about the not quite dead is that they are motivated by one thing, and one thing only.”
“What’s that?”
“Brains, Ron.  Fresh, chewy, delectable brains.”
The Europa Show:
“I’d like to thank MC Frontalot for coming on the show today to bare his soul with us about some prickly relationship issues.  ‘Just Once’ indeed.  But before we go, I have a surprise for each member of the audience.  Everyone, take a look under your seats.  That’s right!  You get an album!  You get an album!  EVERYONE GETS AN ALBUM!”
Alright, so maybe we at The Ripple Effect don’t yet have the power and influence to create televised pandemonium surrounding artists we like.  Notice I said ‘yet’.  Soon waveriders.  Soon.  But in the meantime, please continue reading up on the exciting new artists we’re featuring every day.  This week I’d like to focus your attention on MC Frontalot and his newest album Solved.
MC Frontalot is a hip hop artist originally from San Francisco, California, but who now resides in Brooklyn, New York.  Way back in the year 2000, this man coined the term that describes his art…Nerdcore Hip Hop.  Although there are now many other artists who create this type of music, MC Frontalot is the godfather of the genre and thus we honor him.  What is nerdcore you ask?  Simply put, nerdcore describes music that addresses nerdy subject matter such as computing, video games, comic books, movies, etc.  This music is designed to appeal to intelligent folk who don’t relate to songs about guns, drugs, and shiny car accessories (not that there’s anything wrong with that).
Solved is MC Frontalot’s fifth studio album.  Let me be direct.  This album is fantastic!  I’m talking about the kind of album where you hit play and right after the first song begins you close your eyes, ball your hands into fists, and whisper an elongated yes.  MC Frontalot has consistently improved his lyrical content as well as his song production skills from album to album (credit must go to his production cohorts Gabriel Alter aka Gm7, David T. Cheong aka Badd Spellah, and others as well), and the trend continues here on Solved.  The mixture of live instrumentation and electronic backbeats has never sounded better or more fully realized.  As for the lyrical content?  Stellar!
These are not your typical rap songs waveriders.  I enjoy every song on this album, but for brevity’s sake I’ll only highlight a couple.  “Captains Of Industry”, featuring MC Lars, details the most vital aspect of an indie rapper’s day to day existence: selling t-shirts to make up for monetary losses on music.  “Colonel, Panic” is a song told from the perspective of a self-aware supercomputer set up by the government to handle our military’s doomsday operations, which is about to quit its job and render our high-tech weapons inert.  “Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead” featuring Wheatus is the best zombie song I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard some good ones.  Last but not least, have you ever wondered what the infighting between Voltron operators sounds like?  Of course you have!  Listen to “I’ll Form The Head” featuring ZeaLouS1 and Dr. Awkward and wonder at how this defensive force ever succeeded.
Waveriders, if it were in my power I would promote MC Frontalot on every TV channel, radio station, periodical, and interstellar transmission in existence.  As it stands however, I’m forced to rely upon what is available to me.  Check out MC Frontalot.  Buy Solved and let its humorous and intelligent nature enrich and enlighten your day.  You’re welcome.

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