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MBA Syllabus for Semester I (Business Environment and Managerial Economics)

By Renu Kumari
MBA Syllabus for Semester I (Business Environment and Managerial Economics)
MBA Syllabus for Semester I (first)
Subject: Business Environment
Reason for studying Management Concepts: The course aims to educate the student with the different environmental factors which effect business. This course aims to develop ability to understand and scan business environment in order to analyze the opportunities and take decisions under the uncertainty.
UNIT-I Concept, Significance and nature of Business Environment ; Elements of environment - internal and external ; Different roles of government in relation to business ; Social Responsibilities of Business .
UNIT-II Broad profile of Indian Economy , Industrial Policy - its historical perspective(in brief) , Industrial Policy Liberalisation . Economic Planning in India ; Rationale of economic planning , latest five year plan .
UNIT-III Public sector -its objectives and working , major problems of public sector enterprises ; Privatisation of public sector enterprises - the issue involved . Role of Private and Joint Sectors. Securities Exchange Board of India - Organisation and Role , Regulation of Mergers and Acquisitions.
UNIT-IV Competition Act ; Industries Development and Regulation Act ; Consumer Protection Act -its main provisions.
UNIT-V Latest Export - Import Policy ; Foreign Exchange Management Act ; Globalisation and Business practices, ,WTO- objectives and Role in International trade .
Books Suggested: 1. Rudra Dutt: Indian Ecnomy2. Ghose P.K. : Government & Industry3. Francis Cherunilam : Business Environment4. Kuchhal S.C. : Industrial Economy of India 5. K. Ashwathapa : Business Environment 
MBA Syllabus for Semester I (Business Environment and Managerial Economics)
MBA Syllabus for Semester I (first)
Subject: Managerial Economics
Reason for studying Management Concepts: The basic objectives of this course is to familiarise the students with the concepts and tools of managerial Economics as applicable to decisions making in contemporary business environment.
UNIT-INature and scope of Managerial Economics : nature and scope of Managerial Economics , its relationship with subjects . Objective of Firm, Fundamental Economic concepts- Opportunity cost concept , Incremental concept, Principle of the perspective , Discounting principle and Equimarginal principle .
UNIT-II Demand Analysis : Concept and importance of Demand & its determinants , Income & Substitution effect, Various elasticities of demand , using elasticities in managerial decisions , revenue concepts, relevance of demand forecasting , methods of demand forecasting .
UNIT-III Cost Concept and Production Theory : Various cost concepts & classifications, Cost output relationship - in short run and in long run , (cost curves), Economies of scale , cost control and cost reduction , Production function , managerial uses of production function , Indifferent curves. .
UNIT-IV Pricing Decisions : Pricing methods , Price Discrimination , Price and output decisions under different market structures - Perfect competition, Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition , Oligopoly .
UNIT-V Profit & Inflation: Profit, Functions of profit, profit maximisation, Break Even analysis , Inflation - Types, in terms of demand pull & cost factors , effects of inflation .
Books Suggested:1. Habib-Ur-Rehman Managerial Economics2. D.C. Hague Managerial Economics3. Trivedi Managerial Economics4. Mote, Paul & Gupta Managerial Economics: Concepts & Cases5. Peterson & Lewis Managerial Economics 6. D.N. Dwivedi Managerial Economics 7. D. Gopalkrishan A study of Managerial Economics
8. Varsney & Maheshwari : Managerial Economics 

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