May the 4th Be With You

Posted on the 05 May 2019 by Arngionzen
May the 4th Be With You

Every May 4th we hear people recite, "May the 4th be with you!" My birthday is on May 4th, so when people would say this to me I thought it was a special birthday wish. Then I realized these people would be dressed in Star Wars attire.

May 4th had been declared Star Wars Day.

I was sharing this with my husband when I had a deep thought. The 4th chakra is actually the love center. It is our heart chakra. Star Wars fans say 4th instead of force. The force is considered to be the power of good. I have always felt my heart center, my 4th chakra, to be my greatest force... which is love.

I decided to follow my 4th and offer an article about different ways others connect with their 4th (force) and allow it to be with them.

Before I share more regarding my personal 4th, I want to help you understand what exactly chakras are.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means "spinning wheel of energy." There are seven major chakra centers along our meridian line. These are the most well known compared to hundreds of minor chakras throughout our bodies.

The seven major chakras are 1st - Root, 2nd - Sacral, 3rd - Solar Plexus, 4th - Heart, 5th - Throat, 6th - Third Eye, and 7th - Crown.

Below is a simple diagram I designed many years ago. You will see affirmations above the chakra name. These affirmations reflect what each chakra represents as it pertains to the chakra's healing energy.

May the 4th Be With You

Each chakra is considered to be a different color as well. The colors are placed on the physical diagram so you can see where they are located.

If you're interested in learning about chakras in greater depth, I'd highly recommend Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss.

My personal love force is my heart chakra.

I believe my highest spiritual direction comes when I listen to what my love center has to share.

Love for me is pure, unconditional, compassionate, courageous, and strong. This beautiful energetic force comes to me by way of a power so much greater than myself.

One of my strongest tools for helping me connect with my love center is self-acceptance. Accepting ourselves just as we are provides great healing for our 4th.

May you enjoy this meditation and allow your love to shine for all the world to see.

There is a Hawaiian spiritual tradition that believes when a child is born they are like a bowl of light. As they go through life, rocks of insecurity, guilt, fear, resentment, and more, start covering this beautiful light.

As we step into accepting ourselves as we are, we can remove these rocks one at a time.

Some rocks might be easy to move out of your bowl and others may be harder. The stubborn ones might need a little more time, some extra love, or examining.

Underneath all of our fears, we each have a vast bowl of beautiful light. Click To Tweet

May this meditation help you open yourself to your beautiful, radiant light.

Love Center Meditation

May the 4th Be With You

Find a comfortable spot to sit or lie down. Take a deep breath in, let it out slowly. Breathe in again.

Imagine bright white light filling your lungs, filling your body. As you breathe out, envision your inner rocks shifting, moving, and leaving you one at a time. You can see bright rays of light shining through.

The rocks that are stuck will need some time.

Picture yourself on a cliff... a high mountain ledge. The sun is beginning to set and it is getting dark. The golden rays are dancing on the horizon.

As you breathe in this beautiful image you can feel the sunset filling your soul. As you breathe out... fear, anger, and insecurities start to leave your body.

You feel lighter. You are aware when you are feeling down, defeated, or anxious these rocks become a mountain inside of you.

Breathing out you ask for each one to be released. You welcome any tears, any amends that you need to make to yourself or others.

You become more open to help yourself feel good. As you allow your light to grow inside of you it begins to warm your body. You can see it glowing between and underneath your rocks.

Breathing in and out, imagine the beautiful sunset on this high lush mountain top.

You become aware that your rocks have been forming all of your life. You know it takes time to let them go but you are able to see there is an abundance of light under them all.

You can feel your light, the love within you has much more power and grace than your fearful rocks.

You decide to be gentle with yourself. You know you can feel the light, see the light, and trust that you are right where you need to be. You can clear these rocks one at a time.

As you breathe in and out, feel the love that surrounds you. Breathing you know, you are not alone. There is a great loving energy all around you.

All is going to be okay. You are very loved.

Guided meditations like this one are one way that I help find my heart center, my 4th chakra, my force, when I'm feeling a bit off.

But I've reached out to some Organic Life Tips team members, to ask them how they find their 4th when they need it.

Perhaps one of the following techniques will help you as well. May the 4th be with you.

5 Plants for Your Energetic Heart from Camille Leinbach

May the 4th Be With You

When the love force in our heart feels dim, plants are supportive allies in assisting with balancing our energetic heart. While your relationship with specific plants is very personal as to how you resonate with their individual vibrations, there are some plants that have a known affinity for helping to balance the heart chakra.

Here are some suggestions for plants to explore and how you can begin to experience their loving support, including an affirmation for each.

Spending time with plants will allow you to experience your own energetic connection to them. They may speak to you in a very unique and personal way.

Allow that special connection to guide you to find more ways to include plants in your own healing journey.

Rose is the plant most often associated with love. It is a nurturing presence that can help us to heal and open up our energetic love force. Rose works in a very gentle way, allowing us to feel supported, while vulnerably opening our hearts.

Experience: Affirmation: I am fully open to love and be loved. yourself and your home to feel tenderly supported. Experience: Wear dried hawthorn berries in a pouch as a necklace to have its healing presence close to your heart chakra. Affirmation: I love myself and I am strong.

Hawthorn is a well-known remedy for the energetic heart. It helps us to love and accept ourselves, to overcome grief and to step into our personal power.

Experience: Drink a cup of tulsi tea Affirmation: My heart is clear of stuck emotion. and sit quietly, noticing your feelings or a shift in energy. Experience: Cut a fresh lemon balm and put in a vase with water in your kitchen. Enjoy the uplifting scent. You can also experience the love of lemon balm in a Affirmation: My heart is happy and full of love. tea.

Tulsi allows us to open up to compassion and clarity of heart. It is a deeply healing plant that helps to balance energy and clear out stuck emotion that may be dulling our love force.

Experience: Find an oak tree in a quiet space. Sit with your back to the tree and feel the supporting and comforting energy. If you feel called, wrap your arms around the tree and imagine love and comfort from the tree's heart flowing into your heart. Affirmation: I am grounded in my heartspace.

Lemon Balm is known for its uplifting and cheery nature. It helps to clear out the negativity and darkness that we may hold in our heartspace.

Oak may not be a widely noticed plant for the heart, but in my experience, it truly is. Oak, like many trees, are very grounding presences by nature.

Firmly planted roots and sturdy, steadfast trunks and limbs provide a solid and steady energetic plant ally. Oak, in particular, has a soothing and comforting vibration.

Tuning in the the Love Frequency from Melinda Bryce

May the 4th Be With You

Steven Spielberg got it right. There is a life force that's completely in your control, and it's the most powerful energy force in the Universe.

I know this may sound like a bunch of spiritual mumbo-jumbo, but in my deepest understanding, that force is Love. With a capital L.

Here's how it works.

According to the Universal Spiritual Laws, everything...I mean every, single, thing... your actions, your thoughts, emotions, words... all emit a vibration. These vibrations have a frequency, just like radio waves.

What happens when you tune your radio to 99.7FM? You're going to hear some kickin' classic rock pumping through the speakers of your station wagon.

No matter how much you wish it, you won't hear NPR's Fresh Air (101.9FM) if you're tuned into the classic jams of 99.7FM.

We work the same way. You can't just say, "I'm tuned into Love," and then go yell at the lady in front of you that's taking forever writing a check at the grocery store or spread gossip or tell your mom you're sick when you just don't want to go to her house, and then wonder why you're feeling out of whack, or why "bad things happen to you."

So, how do you tune into your Love center? How do you flip that dial to the Love station? How do you live from a place of Love, so that you can also receive the Love energy back from the Universe? (Yes, that's how that works- you've heard of the Law of Attraction, right?)

May the 4th Be With You

First, let me be clear. Nobody I know can function from their Love center ALL the time - if you did, you'd ascend into Nirvana - not the band, but that would be cool. We all need to tap the dial once in a while.

So, here's how I recenter myself when I start to feel out of whack- the Reader's Digest Condensed Version.

The following actions all emit vibrational frequencies nearing that of Love. The more high-vibrational thoughts, emotions, actions you include in your life, the better chance you have of vibrating at a Love frequency.

  1. Gratitude: The coolest thing about gratitude is when you start truly feeling and expressing gratitude for all you have, two things happen: One, you become content in your life. Two, Love energy flows toward you and you start attracting positive change.
  2. Forgiveness: This is a tough one for people- but when you forgive, you release the low-frequency energy blockages to allow for the Love force to flow through you.Forgive your spouse for coming home late from work, forgive your child for getting angry at you yesterday, forgive your friend for their past transgressions... and forgive yourself. But don't just say it, truly feel it, and then feel that energy blockage release.
  3. Give: Sometimes, we are at such a low place, we can't feel the gratitude or forgiveness. So, give. This is what I sometimes call, "Fake it til you make it." In the process of doing something for someone else- it could just be to help your child clean their room, make dinner for the neighbor, or go volunteer your time somewhere. The act of giving will help you reconnect with other people, and bring you closer to your Love center.
  4. Nourish: This is one you've probably heard a thousand times- but take care of yourself. Get enough sleep, feed yourself healthy food and enough water, go for a walk in nature.

Caring for your physical self is important to being able to function from a place of Love.

I think this is enough to get you going. There are so many more, including the Laws of Prayer, Grace, Karma... but these are my jumping points.

Sometimes, I need to do a guided meditation to pull me back into the flow. Other times, I just need to tell my husband how grateful I am for him.

May the 4th Be With You

You'll soon find that when you are tuned into your Love center, your life is so much more at peace. You attract exactly what you need and the people you need in your life surround you.

May the (Love) Force be with you.

How I Center with the Power of Love from Beverly Prince-Sayward

All around us we see slogans such as "Get Ahead", "Be the Best", "Win the Game," but these have never resonated with me.

I don't approach life as a competition or a challenge to have to fight for. I see life as an experience to be lived - one where we are one part of a whole universe and we get the absolute privilege to be our one part.

I value every part and love to actively appreciate the trees outside my home, the postal delivery person who delivers my mail, the driver in front of me who stops to give money to the man with the sign on the street corner, the birds eating bugs and protecting their young, and even, as odd as it sounds to say, the drug addict walking around in a daze of confusion and despair.

How can I appreciate the drug addict, you ask? I've learned to see how we all contribute value to the whole experience of life.

The drug addict is experiencing a part of life that I do not want to experience. It is a desperate way to live and filled with sadness.

I have the privilege of being able to witness and learn from the drug addict so that I do not have that experience. I appreciate the life lessons the drug addict is giving to all of us.

At the same time, I offer my love to the drug addict and hope that he or she can move on to a better life in the future.

So how do I center with the power of love?

I try to look at everything and everyone from a perspective of love. I imagine myself deeply loving a person as I see them, so that I may not judge them, but rather I may feel pride in their accomplishments and hope for their future.

May the 4th Be With You

I look toward myself with the same love. I take in all the love constantly around me - the love from people and also the love from nature; plants and animals are everywhere, offering their beauty, their sustenance, their fragrance, their playfulness, their strength, and more.

Life to me is not about winning anything or proving anything. Life to me is about living the experience and finding ways to love and accept the love that is life.

May the 4th be with you... Introduction and Meditation by Dory Jolin.

Whatever way you find your heart source, your 4th chakra, your self-acceptance, your Love channel, just know that this is a force more powerful than any Jedi's.

When you live in this space, when you harness this force, you feel energized, at peace, focused, and all the good the Universe has to offer flows toward you. It's wonderful.

May the 4th be with you.

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