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May Round Up - Birthdays, Beaches and Baked Goods!

By Aworldfullofprettiness
The month I've been anticipating for a while is over and done with within the blink of an eye.
May is always one of my favorite months of the year because not only is it my birthday month, but its when the weather starts to become warmer and the lights definitely start to get brighter. Good weather definitely motivates me, although I think the sun definitely needs to get its hat on right now don't you think?!
The month of May saw 2 afternoon tea's with 2 different friends in 2 different locations. Afternoon tea is something I've become obsessed with over the last couple of years, and it's pretty embarrassing (more so for my waistline) as to how many I've had in the past 3 years. I haven't reviewed each and everyone, but if you want to see where I've had the pleasure of indulging such yummy food, have a browse over my review posts here. - I've had afternoon tea's all over the country!
May Round Up - Birthdays, Beaches and Baked Goods! Keeping on the topic of food, I also enjoyed tea with my friends at an American style restaurant in a town nearby. It's not often I gather my friends together as a group so this made a nice change.
My main highlight was visiting Whitby for a few days. We took a steam train to Goathland (all your Harry Potter fans will know the relevance!), got in touch with our nature side and took a trek down to a waterfall. The waterfall was lovely, and I could have easily set up a picnic there had there been a rock big enough! What I didn't quite like was the trek back up. You know you're unfit when people in their 50's are overtaking you. We also had a few evening walks round the harbor and grabbed a boat ride into the choppy waters! Read more about my Whitby adventures here.
May Round Up - Birthdays, Beaches and Baked Goods!
May Round Up - Birthdays, Beaches and Baked Goods! As it stands now, I don't currently have any more hotel stays/breaks planned until our big 'un in November/December, although don't hold your breath too long - It's Mike's birthday in August, so anything can happen...

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