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May December (2023) Movie Review

By Newguy

May December – Movie Review

May December

Director: Todd Haynes

Writer: Samy Burch, Alex Mechanik (Screenplay)


Plot: Twenty years after their notorious tabloid romance gripped the nation, a married couple buckles under pressure when an actress arrives to do research for a film about their past.

Runtime: 1 Hour 57 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: May December starts when an actress Elizabeth (Portman) gets to meet Gracie (Moore) a woman she is playing in an upcoming movie. Elizabeth wants to get to know Gracie more and meets her family Joe (Melton) and their kids. However, the disturbing story about Gracie’s affair 20 years ago still controls the people involved.

As Elizabeth discovers more truths about Gracie’s life, she starts to learn the lasting affect her actions had. Gracie’s family starts feeling more effects of the past being brought back up. All showing how difficult it would be to live with a disturbing past.

Verdict on May December

May December is a drama following an actress trying to get close to the subject of her latest project. She must get close to a child-abusing woman who went on to have her own family. However, the closer she gets the more she learns about the events leading up to and after the fact.

This does touch on a sensitive subject and challenges the concept of method acting. It shows how an incident from decades ago can still haunt a family who has done their punishment. However, the secrets are what keep us wanting to come back for more. They have twists and turns along the way to reveal different truths behind the incident. The sensitive subject matter makes it difficult to understand every decision and it does leave more questions about Gracie’s life than answers. We get great performances from Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman, along with the supporting cast. This won’t be for everyone but the performances keep you engaged.

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Final Thoughts May December tackles a sensitive subject in a difficult way.

May December (2023) Movie Review

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