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May Call Day – The Beginning of a “Love-Affair”

By Luphil

16 years ago, in May 98, I participated for the first time in a “May Call Day” – an international, or better intercontinental group living of the WTT with Sri Kumar on Mt. Rigi around 29 May. I was deeply touched by this get together in the spirit of synthesis. So it was in a way the beginning of a “love affair”.

I came to learn that the energy of synthesis was received by Master CVV in 1910 in Kumbhakonam and anchored in the planetary ethers. The Master started distributing it on 29 May 1910 by transmitting some of the energy to those ready to receive it – for a quicker transformation. Many things sounded fantastic to me but I also experienced a touch of the energy in form of profound meditations  – and by coming into contact with many people with a similar orientation. Sri Kumar explained that this energy is related to the qualities of Uranus – “bend or break” – and that it might cause a speed-up of inner and outer changes.

When I look back I see that in my life it has become quite true – rapid changes, sudden breaking away of relations and situations, emerging of new ones with other qualities… The meeting on Mt. Rigi was for me a kick-off for annually participating in nearly all following May Call meetings. They brought me to different corners of Europe and even twice to South America. I blogged about some of these meetings in previous years.


Early morning sunrise at “May Call Day” on Mt Rigi in 1999


Group photo of the May Call meeting 1999 on Mt Rigi

These thrilling big May Call gathering in the West ended in 2012 when Sri Kumar declared that at least for the next 8 years he will do these group livings in India – in Bangalore. Here, too, came a change – me and others had supposed they would go on in the West. Sri Kumar recommended me better not to come to the May Call in India, not only due to my private situation which also had changed. Also for many others it was not possible to go to India for the May Calls. And so last year we organised a meeting in the Vosges, France, a beautiful get-together. At the same time there were many other regional celebrations.

Last January, while in India,  I had an e-mail exchange with Martine, one of the co-organisers of last year’s May Call, and I asked her, “What about organising again a meeting in the Vosges?” She replied, “Let’s wait if Sri Kumar says something.” I thought, he won’t say anything if no-one asks, and so I sent him an e-mail. His answer was quick and direct: “Dear Ludger, let others decide for themselves as you decide for yourself.”

I felt irritated, a bit disappointed. I thought, so let’s wait and see – and I supposed nothing would happen. And nothing of a joint May Call celebration in the nearby countries seemed to pop up. It took some time before I realised the deeper meaning of Sri Kumar’s answer.

When meditating together with a friend beginning of April I told her about Sri Kumar’s comment and mentioned that this year there probably won’t be a May Call group living. She proposed to do a small one with a few friends in the holiday house of a friend of hers. But a week later, at our little group meeting with another friend, she told me that we won’t get the house. The other friend said that last year she went alone for a silent May Call Day to the Paracelsus center of the WTT at the birth place of this great initiate in Einsiedeln: “Why don’t we do a May Call there?” All three of us said, “Yes, let’s do it.”

Since the Paracelsus center doesn’t have much space we sent the invitation just to a circle of friends – in the end we are now 9 persons, from Germany and Switzerland, who will gather this week for “our” May Call, including two night stays. And I heard from others that they will also gather in their local groups for meditating and aligning with the energy. So the impulse goes on, and we will join in.


“The Avatar of Synthesis coming from Sirius to Earth via Uranus”, 25 Dec 2009
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