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May Call Day – Launch of the Book on “Paintings”

By Luphil

In 1910 Master CVV received a tremendous cosmic energy called the Energy of Synthesis. He anchored it in the ethers of the planet and started distributing it on 29 May. Since then every 29 May is celebrated as the Master May Call Day. And since 1998 I have participated in these celebrations – mostly larger gatherings in the West with Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar. This year the big group meeting with him is in Bangalore. Together with some friends we organised a small meeting in the French Vosges, where I’m at the moment.

For me it is a special occasion, for there will be also the launch of my book “Paintings”. I realised it as a photo book (English an German version, hard-cover, 200 pages), which I can produce as print on demand, if people want to have it. But I also distribute it for free in PDF-version.
The book contains my “Early Paintings” (done in the 80s and nearly completely “dissolved” in 1997, now digitally restored from photos) and the “Images of Synthesis“, done since 2009, together 212 paintings. I added some biographical notes and background explanations.

The “Early Paintings” were the creative output of a tremendous fiery experience I had in 1981. Many of these paintings are related to this inner opening which lasted several days. For me, the paintings are an expression of the Energies of Synthesis, even those created before the time I consciously knew about the energies. You will understand when you see the pictures. The book is available for download in English and German, its content is part of a website to be released soon.



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