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Posted on the 02 August 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Alex Jones talks with former Wall Street stockbroker and filmmaker Max Keiser about the continuing implosion of the economy as the euro crisis plagues global economies, cuts factory and productive output, stimulates endemic joblessness, and the Federal Reserve warns the economy may be stuck in permanent slow growth.
Keiser fingers HSBC for funding 9/11 - quite a bold statement.

There's a GROSS OMISSION here, in this interview, both Jones and Keiser KEEP GOING ON ABOUT 'your money' and 'your wealth' as if a GROWTH ECONOMY is something mankind should be inveting his Creativity, Passion and Kinship in. I know it SEEMS like a god thing that 'brave internet heroes' like Keiser and Jones keep asking for the arrest of bankers etc. But what'll happen is NEW GLOBAL RULERS will just slide into the gaps they leave behind them.
Fuck that shit, only a resolute CUSTODIAN fight (by the seven billion Free Individuals of Free Planet) that protects our delicate homeworld from the New World Order global empire, from the ravages of Corporate Greed in the name of PROFIT.
Come THE FUCK on!

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