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Matchbook Memories

By Erika Brechtel @smallshopstudio

A collection of memories through take-away objets …

I lived with a dear friend of mine in my 20′s who grew up in London and traveled the world. She had this hobby of collecting matchbooks from various places she visited, and she’d keep them in a fishbowl in our living room. I thought it was such a neat idea, I started to do the same over the years, especially from places that held a special memory for me.

Matchbook Memories

But when I pulled the matchbooks together for this post, I was so sad to find I had so few left!! I didn’t think about the fact that we should have kept them all, but who’s going to keep empty matchbooks? That seems even more sad.

Matchbook Memories

I don’t even know if restaurants and hotels have custom matchbooks anymore. I would imagine with the new no-smoking laws in California and New York, it’s becoming more of a thing of the past, right?

Matchbook Memories

Did you know you can actually purchase a starter collection on Etsy? Some really cool options out there. Love the old New York ones.

As a graphic designer too, there is something I love about collecting “brands” from various hotels and restaurants I’ve visited. And I do still evaluate, do the logos and graphics do a good job of matching each space’s location and/or interior? I’m sure I’m overthinking it, but that’s kinda my job.

Do you collect matchbooks too?


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