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Mass Stabbing Incident in China: 23 Victims

Posted on the 14 December 2012 by Mikeb302000
Yes, there was a mass stabbing incident in China where 23 victims were stabbed- at least two of them seriously!  None are dead!
Security at China's schools has been increased in recent years following a spate of similar knife attacks in which nearly 20 children have been killed.

The BBC's John Sudworth in Shanghai says many of the attackers have been mentally disturbed men, prompting a debate about the effects of China's recent, rapid social change and the inability of an antiquated hospital system to cope with rising levels of mental illness.
The agency also quotes a county hospital administrator as saying that the man first attacked an elderly woman, then the children, before being overpowered by security guards
Let's see how many mass shooting with how many dead have there been in the US in the last year?
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