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Mashiach Vs the Deal of the Century

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I am not sure what to do with this. I am not a "Messiah blogger", I do get a kick out of such statements, but my general attitude is halevai he should be right. From his mouth to God's ears.
Kikar is reporting that Baba Baruch, Rav Baruch Abuchatzeira, one of the son's of the Baba Sali, said that nothing is going to come of Trump's Deal of the Century, to be announced later today. According to Baba Baruch, nothing is going to happen because Mashiach is going to come before any of that becomes an issue.
According to Baba Baruch, with Trump as the president of the USA, we have all the signs of Mashiach (whatever they are). Nothing will happen because Mashiach will come and he will cancel everything. There will be no plan.
Things like this are way way way above my paygrade, so all I can say is "halevai". I hope he is right and Mashiach is right around the corner.
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