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Masala Gur Recipe, Jaggary with Spices – Winter Specialty

By Anjana Chaturvedi @maayeka

Masala Gur- Jaggary cooked with spices and nuts- a winter specialty from Punjab

Masala Gur is a healthy delicious winter specialty food. Jaggary is made with sugarcane juice , sugarcane juice is boiled till it thickens and then set in trays and molds and then cut into blocks and cubes. Jaggary is very much healthier then refined sugar so it is better to use Jaggary instead of sugar when ever possible.

Jaggary helps to keep the body warm, helps to cure cold,cough and minor winter ailments. It can easily be replaced with sugar , you can use it in the making of sweets ,savory, can add in tea, chutney, curries and daals .

Jaggary, Ginger powder, black pepper, ajwain gives warmth to the body and helps to cure joint pains and cough. Fennel seeds and dry ginger/ saunth helps in Digestion. Nuts and sesame seeds gives warmth and energy to the body and are good for bone and joint health.It is also a very good Post partum recipe for new lactating mothers. Can be given after delivery to give warmth and energy to the body.

I have tasted this delicious healthy Masala gud when my father was posted in Aligarh. Some one from the nearby village brought a tray full of this freshly made Masala gud and we all loved the taste of this new winter delicacy. But then I totally forgot about this recipe.

Now few days back while chatting with my friends I suddenly remember this recipe and then made it yesterday and every one liked it in my family, specially my little Aniruddh ate it happily so I am more then happy to make this simple yet healthy jaggary bites 🙂

How To Make Masala Gur

Making Masala Gur is quite easy. You just have to melt the jaggary in a heavy bottom pan on slow heat . When the jaggary melt down completely then add all the spices and nuts in the melted jaggary mixture and mix it quickly and set in a greased plate. Don't over cook it else it become hard in texture.

You can add what ever nuts and spices you have or want to add . If you don't like any ingredient in the list you can easily avoid that. The quantity can also be adjusted as per individual choice. Basically the ingredients which gives warmth and energy to the body are added in jaggary before setting it.

You can use any type of jaggary but I prefer to use organic or desi gur to make this masala gud. This masala gud can be given to everyone. As this is quite soft in texture so old persons can also have it .

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Masala Gur Recipe, Jaggary with Spices – Winter Specialty
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Masala Gud


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