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Mary Schnack: Going Global

Posted on the 18 November 2011 by Center For International Private Enterprise @CIPEglobal

In this clip from our recent Democracy That Delivers for Women conference, Mary Schnack talks about how no entrepreneur’s business is too small to benefit from global exposure — whether they are in a developing country or in the United States. For Schnack, associations are the key to giving smaller actors a voice in the market and in the political process:

There is a lot of good work that women do, but we have not yet reached our maximum scale. I think that by working in associations we can can advocate the policies that will help us get there, as well as strengthen our own efforts by working in solidarity.

This is why CIPE works with business associations around the world. These organizations give entrepreneurs and small businesses a voice in the political process, as well as helping them to their expand their skills and capabilities and break into new markets.

If you are interested in sharing your own organizational or management expertise with a business-oriented association in the developing world, consider participating in CIPE’s KnowHow program. KnowHow connects associations with professionals and experts in a range of vital skills, helping them to to multiply their impact far beyond working with a single entrepreneur or business.

You can also read a full transcript of Mary’s remarks in this week’s Economic Reform Feature Service.

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