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Marvel Films Ranked

By Newguy

Having Avengers Age of Ultron in the cinema I have decide I am going to rank the Marvel solo films, this does mean no Avengers Assemble. We have had 7 solo films as I don’t believe the Hulk films were ever really connected to this series. My list will be as always worst to best.

7. Iron Man 2

iron 2

This second outing for Tony Stark we see him take on Whiplash who is out for revenge because of Tony’s father actions. We also see Tony trying to cope with his decline health because of his heart. We do get one brilliant scene at Monte Carlo Grand Prix track but otherwise this film just moves very slowly and can easily be forgotten.

6. Captain America: The First Avenger

cap 1

This one is how Steve Rogers becomes Captain America and we see how he started out a weak soldier who never gives up that gets an upgrade to turn him into a model soldier loved by all of the America soldiers during World War II. It would be fair to say this film goes into the category of standard origin film where our hero goes up against one of his most iconic villains to show what he is made off.

5. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

cap 2

It would be fair to say most people would put this one a lot higher on any list but personally I just find the Captain America character very boring. We continue to see how Steve is struggling to cope with his new time period and has to face an old friend as well as an old enemy.

4. Iron Man


Tony Stark is one hell of an arms dealer and this shows us what happens when things come back towards him as he turns into the Iron Man and faces up against someone who wants money. I feel this is a good origin story and comes off very well making us want to see more of what Tony Stark will be getting up too.

3. Thor: The Dark World

thor 2

The first entry of Thor here and we get to see what has happened when Asgard mixing with our world and the power with what another dimension wants to get control of all of the worlds that Thor has to help guard. This outing is a great sequel and having Thor team up with Loki even after what has happened before we get the feeling of a true sequel where a villain can be turned into a good guy.

2. Iron Man 3

iron 3

Tony has to make up for his own errors here when his playboy ways come back to haunt him when the evil Mandarin comes into the world using his terrorist action to get what he wants. The film does end up having a few twists that nobody actually saw coming giving it a very fresh feeling but most importantly we get to see how Tony can handle all of this without most of his powers.

1. Thor


The introduction of Thor with the smallest name in the lead role of all three franchises we get to see how Thor has to prove that Loki is behind an attack on Asgard after being set to Earth. I feel this has a perfect level of comedy that makes this the easiest to watch over and over again. I also like how Chris Hemsworth came from nowhere to make a huge impact on the superhero genre.

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