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Marshall Allman Talks About Tommy’s Fate and More

Posted on the 30 August 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

Marshall Allman talks about Tommy’s fate and moreI always had a difficult time liking Tommy Mickens. I know he was a product of his cruel and evil upbringing, but it was still really difficult to see the good in him. However, last night’s episode gave us that little bit of  that “good” in Tommy that we all wanted to see, when he sacrificed himself for his brother. I was happy that he was able to be exonerated in the end; just wish he didn’t have to die to show it.

Rest in peace Tommy!

Today on Vulture, True Blood’s Marshall Allman who played Tommy talks about last night’s episode, and more:

Big episode last night.
I know, it’s so crazy. So weird.

Did you watch it?
No, I haven’t been able to watch it yet. I think I might get emotional. Maybe I’m avoiding it.

What did you first think about the skinwalker storyline, before you knew how it would backfire on Tommy? 
I was so excited. Because from the moment I got on the show I was like, Man, shapeshifters — we need more. Because I didn’t think that they were getting the proper attention that they deserved. Everybody likes vampires; they’re all sexy. Whatever. Werewolves: They run hot and they’re big and sexy. Well, shapeshifters — what were they? They didn’t have an identity. They weren’t bad-ass. So I was like, Let’s get shapeshifters out there, because they’re really awesome. You’ve gotta get people’s heart throbbing for shapeshifters.

I think it was hard for a lot of viewers to ever really like Tommy, though, because he kept going from bad to good to bad. 
He’s definitely misunderstood. To me he’s a tragic character. Because while his intention and heart are right, for every one good decision he makes, he makes another bad one. Or two more bad ones. So that’s Tommy in a nutshell. Does he want family? Does he want Sam? Yes, absolutely. There was not a single part of me as an actor that was like, I’m really pulling one over, making people feel sad for Tommy. But when he goes into his mode, he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Did you go into the fourth season knowing you wouldn’t be back for the fifth?
No, but I found out pretty early on, so I had a lot of time to prepare. They told me around when we were filming the third episode. They were so effusive about how it had nothing to do with me as a person, it was just the way the story went. They did such a good job of honoring me with such great writing this season — it was bittersweet. Hopefully I can come back and “Godric” Sam, you know

Most of your scenes were with Sam Trammell. Are there any characters you wish you got screen time with?
My one hope was for Tommy and Sookie to have a scene together. We did have a scene together, but that was Tommy as Sam [played by Sam Tramell]. If Tommy were there as Tommy, you know he’d be hittin’ on her, dude. He would want all up in that supernatural lady’s business.

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