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Mars and Beyond (closes 15th March)

By Waynechisnall @WayneChisnall
The opening night (although, technically speaking it was opening nights, as we had a rehearsal opening, a press opening and then the official opening) of our new show, 'Mars and Beyond' was so much fun. As you can see from the video, it's an immersive event packed with art, talks, film screenings, music, VR and so much more.

The event, which runs till 15th March 2020, is the brainchild of the artist, Oskar OK Krajewski; founder of Art-Recyclism the platform for artists and everyone who cares about our planet.
The whole event takes place in 13 spaces, over 5 floors (each floor having a unique focus and theme) at the iconic Bargehouse building, located behind the OXO Tower, on the London's Southbank (very close to Tate Modern).
On the first floor there is a shop where visitors can purchase items by some of the contributing artists. The shop is selling a range of cotton tote bags featuring two of my screen printed designs, along with a selection of original paintings and drawings from my Taster Menu series (at a reduced price, just for the duration of the show), but I'll provide more info on that in a later post. 

Mars and Beyond (closes 15th March)

Sculpture installation by artist, Wayne Chisnall, for 'Mars and Beyond' exhibition, The Bargehouse, London, 2020

Mars & Beyond merges two crucial and critical themes of the 21st century. Firstly, the catastrophic rise in global warming, deforestation, animal species extinction and plastic pollution in our oceans. Secondly, the revival of the space race and space ventures increasingly funded by the private sector.  
Mars & Beyond explores the human race now and in the future. It examines the science of our planet (lower floors) and imaginatively creates alternative futures (top floors). Mars & Beyondaims to educate, warn, entertain and inspire audiences. 

Mars and Beyond (closes 15th March)

'Tattooed Tumour Box' by UK artist, Wayne Chisnall, at 'Mars and Beyond', The Bargehouse, London, 2020

The five sculptures that I have in the show are Orifice Tower, Pharos Cyclops 1 & 2, Planetoid 210, and Tattooed Tumour Box, which are installed in the Apocalyptic section of the show.
Event:‘Mars & Beyond’Venue:Bargehouse’, OXO Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank, London SE1 9PHDates:20th February-15th March 2020

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