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Mario Kart 8 Family Battle Round 1

By Boxmash
Mario Kart tournament 1

As we told you last week, Family Gamer TV are holding a Mario Kart 8 tournament! Four families are racing against each other to find out who’s the best Mario Kart player in the country. The first family have done their qualifying race, and you can see all the red-hot race action in this video, all professionally narrated by real Motorsport commentator Alan Boiston!

Racing today are the Hunt family. In the four cars are Dad Ben (racing as Daisy) and sons Ethan (Larry), Joel (Shy Guy), and Noah (Metal Mario). They chose to race on the “Sunshine Airport”, a track taking inspiration from Mario Sunshine, with its jumps, sharp bends and flying sections. Take a look to find out who crossed the finish line first!

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