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Mario Galaxy

Posted on the 22 June 2012 by Gamermonkey
Mario GalaxySuper Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii is, in my opinion, the spiritual successor to Super Mario 64. The controls of Super Mario Galaxy are superb. Finally a game that's playable for the Wii. It's tight and responsive. The best part is, most, if not all the unique movements and motions required of the player work in a satisfying way. This is the first game in a while where the developer's aren't in over their heads as far as the limitations of the Wii and its motion-sense technology. The controls will seldom leave you frustrated as it integrates with the properties and characteristics of a level design and its mechanics in a way that feels seamless and natural. It's effortless and just about anyone can pick up the controllers and get rolling. You'll be playing most of the game with a grin on your face.
Mario Galaxy The presentation in Super Mario Galaxy is just beautiful for lack of a better work. The graphics are amazing and everything has a nice "pop" to it that isn't annoying or distracting in any way shape or form. While the graphics are better than any Mario game before it, there is still just enough of a nostalgic feeling to it as the levels, enemies, animations, and so on have received more of a polished look rather than a complete overhaul. There's beauty wherever you look in this game and you can't help but sit back and soak in the sheer majesty of the visuals. For a game and console that doesn't match the 360 or PS3, it's amazing this game looks the way it does. I just can't put my finger on it, but it works. It simply works. It is, perhaps, the best looking game I've played on the Wii,
Mario Galaxy Mario GalaxyThe levels are fun and throw in unique twists at the player time and again. When I watched the first reviews and game demos, I was worried most of the levels would just feature a few tiny planets that Mario would essentially hop-scotch to and from until he solves a puzzle, reaches a certain point, or defeats a boss to earn the star. I'm happy to say, within the first 30 minutes my fears were completely alleviated as I found the levels to be dynamic and original. The player will never have a feeling of "been there done that" with these levels. As a bonus, most of the levels are given a kind of theme and the player must utilize their surroundings and Mario's talents to their advantage. One of my favorite levels involves Mario, a spring, and high-up places Mario would never be able to reach had he just jumped. You'll get a kick out of bouncing Mario all about the level, avoiding traps and snares, as well as enemies, ad you time your bouncing to reach tremendous heights. And that's just one example. Be sure to check out ice Mario, who can run on water and skate on ice, fire Mario, an old classic throwing fire balls, and bee Mario allowing Mario to glide and climb on honeycombs. Juuuuuuust to name a few. The levels are full of puzzles, some easy, others will have you scratching your head trying to figure it out. And when you do, you'll feel like you just graduated med school. With roughly 40 galaxies, expect to be playing this one for a long time. NO COMPLAINTS HERE. There's just so much thought and design placed into each level, it's like walking through the Nintendo's version of the Louvre. The minds behind the level designs, the enemies, bosses, and puzzles, are among the smartest in the industry. Is there a limit to their imaginations? I highly doubt it.
Super Mario Galaxy gifts the players with so many fun secrets, that, I'd certainly argue, is AT LEAST a third of what makes the game so fun. I won't give away too much, but if you know where to look, complete certain tasks, and reach certain parts of the story, you'll be rewarded. It feels like you've having one birthday after another And all the federal holidays every time you play. The game is a blast to play through. BUY IT.
Mario Galaxy And of course, just like my other reviews. THE BAD. Super Mario Galaxy is by far the best Mario game I've played since Super Mario 64. But that doesn't mean it's flawless. There are some problems with the game. Fortunately, all the good more than makes up for it. Most reviews have already stated, and I happen to agree with them on this point, that the camera in this game does, at times, become a nuisance. In some levels, in particularly inconvenient parts of the level, the camera isn't placed in an ideal location, sometimes obscured behind everything else jumping around in the levels, or even the walls in some cases. I have killed poor Mario on his quest to save his beloved on more than one occasion. I blame the camera for about 90% of the poor plumber's deaths. In most cases, the musical score is a joy to listen to as you play. Some levels will have you playing the whole thing with the T.V. on mute. The game is relatively easy, especially the first 60-80 stars, but after that, the game becomes increasingly more difficult, and quickly too. In fact, some of the more casual gamers may even become frustrated as they have to do a timed puzzle or even over and over as they keep falling just short of the goal time and time again. And finally, just like my Skyward Sword review, an original story would have been much appreciated. Peach can be a character. No problem with that. But I'm just sick of saving her. What's stopping her from grabbing Toad or one of the other toadstools and smacking Bowser upside the head? We all know she can take care of herself from playing Super Smash bros. I guess some gals out there expect their man to do everything for them and wait on them 24/7. What a tool Mario... what a tool....
For its near flawless controls (ESPECIALLY USING A WII CONTROLLER, WHICH I NEVER THOUGHT COULD BE DONE), exceptional visuals and level design, and only a few minor hiccups here and there, the biggest being the camera at certain points, Super Mario Galaxy ears a solid
9 out of 10. If you have a Wii, go out and buy this game. Chances are it's the best there was or ever will be on the Wii console.

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