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March Goals.

By Jadecharlotte @jadeodonnell_
I never intended for this to become an ongoing series but as things usually go, I kinda fell into it by accident. Now that March is finally here, I'm really hoping that we've seen the end of all the miserable rain and all round crappy weather. I just want some sunshine in my life. Anyway, on with the post.
1. Continue to keep blogging. I'm hoping to aim between 4-6 posts a month.
2. Save money. Now I'm back in a job (which I love) I'm hoping to start saving a bit more. Although March is the month all the Wizarding World things come out so this may just be a loosing battle.
3. Clear out my wardrobe. I say it every month and I still haven't got round to actually doing it. Just need to stop putting it off and tackle the problem head on.
4. Experiment with new recipes for juices and smoothies from the Deliciously Ella smoothie and juices book.
5. Cut out dairy. Lactose intolerance isn't fun and always leaves my lips swollen. Time to hunt for some equally yummy dairy alternatives.
6.  Look into getting my own domain name for the blog.
7. Attempt to get up-to-date on The Walking Dead. Almost at the end of season five!
8. Stick to my skincare routine. I can see that it's starting to pay off so now all I've got to do is remember to keep it going.
9. Pick up Ed Sheeran's new album on vinyl.
Thanks for reading, love Jade x

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