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Maple Syrup Apple Cake

By Ally @allykitchen
maple syrup apple cake

Maple syrup apple cake is moist dense and full lof sweet natural apple flavor! So simple and easy to make. Have a slice with morning coffee!

Apple Cinnamon Cake

Nothing better than slicing into a moist appleeeee apple cinnamon cake! And, this recipe will not disappoint!

Best Apple Cake Recipe

I've made several apple cakes, lots of apple pies, and, in general, apple desserts. Here are a few below. But, this conceivably is my best apple cake recipe.

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Moist Apple Cake Recipe

You can probably see from my pictures that this is one exceptionally moist cake! All the apples on top just ooze the juice into the batter as it bakes.

Apple Cake Recipe from Scratch

Making this apple cake from scratch isn't difficult at all. The batter is made a tad bit differently, but it's really hard to mess it up. So, hopefully you'll given it a try.

Apple Maple Spice Cake

There's a healthy dose of cinnamon mixed with the maple syrup, and that also just oozes into the apples and the batter. I love maple syrup for cooking. Here are a couple of other recipes that showcase maple syrup!

Banana Chip Maple Syrup Cake Maple Syrup Fried Apples & Dates

Apple and Maple Syrup Cake

Apples and maple syrup just go together. And, baking together in the cake joins luscious flavors. I'd strong recommend you use organic real maple syrup in this recipe rather than imitation. You want to enjoy the realness of the flavors. And, if you want to cut back somewhat on the amount of maple syrup you drizzle on top, then you can.

Apple and Maple Syrup Cake Recipe

Honestly, eating a slice of this apple and maple syrup cake is almost like eating big ol' thick pancake with apples and syrup. I'm tempted to oven fry some bacon to go with it and have for breakfast!. Have you tried my oven fried bacon? To die for! No mess and sooooooooooooo good every time!

Maple Syrup Apple Cake

Because this cake is so darn moist and dense, it's going to stay fresh for a couple of days. Refrigerate if you prefer. Or put it in a cool area and it should be find for a day or two. Haven't tried to freezer it because, well, darn it, it's all gone in no time at all. Bon appetit!

maple syrup apple cake

maple syrup apple cake

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