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Map It out ..kid Art

By Kinderpendent
map it out ..kid art
My kids have a thirst for direction, and not just in the abstract sense. They love to know where things are located, how to get there, and the names of common roads we use. This project was a fun way to help my kids get a visual on all 3. (plus it double as a car playmat!)
Here's what you'll need: poster board, paint, pencil, ruler, black marker, access to a map (we used google maps)
step 1: using your map as a reference for road design & location, sketch out an outline for your kids. Older kids may want to do this on their own.
step 2: place a dab of paint in each square or area that are non-road areas. Let your kids paint in those spaces.
step 3: when the paint dries, outline the roads with black marker, and have your kids help you identify landmarks, roads, etc. (look! That's where the museum is! Can you help me remember what else is nearby?)
step 4: using either watercolor or a black crayon, you can lightly shade in the roads, or you can leave them white (I thought that looked pretty cool, too).
map it out ..kid art
step 5: pull out the matchbox cars & let the kids have some fun!
map it out ..kid art

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