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Mankind on a Ledge?

Posted on the 03 February 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN


you see it, but you don't see it ...

Everybody knows where they were on the 11th of September 2001, because that's when the world changed. Everybody watched the live footage of planes hitting skyscrapers and then skyscrapers falling to the ground. Some of the more insane ones have been re-defining this conspiracy for THE LAST ELEVEN YEARS or mor...
But you all missed it.
You all missed what really happened that day. You were all too busy watching the 'man on the ledge'. No, not the new film starring that Aussie bloke who didn't do a very good American accent in James Cameron's AVATAR and did a worse Israeli accent in THE DEBT but the "Ultimate Distraction for the Ultimate Deception".
Around the world, man and woman, girl and boy, most of the seven billion of you with access to mainstream media, were looking up as those Twin Towers smouldered their cold black smoke and fell at freefall speed due to the actions of Al Qaeda hijackers. You've discarded the fake story of the 9/11 Commission, and you've flittered with all sorts of crap from Death Rays to Nano-thermite to 150 kt Underground Nukes to "the Sontarans did it" as the reason for WHY those towers came down as they did.
But nothing like that happened; you've been played.
As brutal as it might be to claim, 9/11 was a very simple and glaringly obvious DISTRACTION from something else, some other MAIN EVENT that happened on that day. Something that was activated to coincide with the false flag. Something that had been planned for decades, set in stone and made the world a different place eleven years on. Sure, 3,000 people died in that one cynical manouevre, that lurid distraction, sure 9/11 was artfully crafted with mega-levels of onion-skin complexity shadowing the perpetrators, it had to be something extra-special BIG to distract not only you, the sheople, but also the news media and editors -- some of whom might have noticed a bigger story under the annoyingly-drizzled-on surface -- but it wasn't the main event.
Not by half...
Something else happened on that day. Something that (even today) might seem inconsequential but is the real reason whey 3,000 people were sacrificed in public like some sort of BRAIN ALTERING snuff film, with a script that could have been written by a Hollywood screen-writing team for gullible consumption by all. Someone out there has the REAL REASON behind 9/11 and they might not even realize it. Maybe that someone was even a party (maybe you were even at a party at the time) to what happened on that day, what was finally signed off on; that made the glaring atrocity that was Ground Zero so necessary.
What seemingly innocuous event preceeded what became a HUGE DISTRACTION on that day, for you. What connection could you have had to the real reason for this global sleight of hand? I think we have to go back, back to the day, and re-examine not the attack but the story that wasn't mentioned by the mainstream media on the day of the attack. I know what it was for me; I was being driven home from the funeral of a work colleague, in a mini-bus, with the rest of my team.

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