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Mandatory Drug Testing for Gun Purchasers

Posted on the 18 October 2011 by Mikeb302000
We the People is urging the President to do it.
Many people have called for drug testing of welfare recipients. It seems reasonable that individuals seeking to purchase firearms should also be required to submit to a drug test prior to gaining ownership of these deadly weapons.
This would protect society and law enforcement from drug abusers and addicts seeking to use deadly firearms, often in criminal acts.
This administration should urge Congress and the states to pass legislation to this effect.
This is a brilliant idea, supported by the Brady Campaign and I dare say, by anyone else who is serious about gun responsibility.
It's odd about the gun-rights supporters who oppose common sense restrictions.  You'd think they'd be the first ones on board with these things, after all the bad apples who would be screened out give all of them a bad name. Resisting these types of initiatives on the part of the pro-gun crowd is a self-defeating effort. Apparently they don't see the writing on the wall, the days of gun-rights ascendency are about over. If they were smart they'd begin by cutting their losses and the place to start is with the troublemakers among them.
Stricter gun control, better enforcement, administered federally in order to keep all the States on the same page, these are the answers to the gun violence problem.
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