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Mandarin Orange Swiss Roll

By Cathysjoy

Mandarin Orange Swiss Roll SunMoon fruit cups are available in 3 delicious variants- mixed fruits, mandarin orange or peach. They are picked at the peak of ripeness, peeled, prepared & sealed in 100% pure apple juice. They serve as a healthy snack for all ages as no artificial flavours/colourings, preservatives & sugar are added. Let me share with you a simple recipe using SunMoon peach fruit cups. Do check out my other fruit cups recipe (mixed fruits yoghurt popsicles) as well.
Mandarin Orange Swiss Roll
Mandarin Orange Swiss Roll (11” square tin) 
Ingredients:Egg yolk batter80g Egg yolk30g Oil30g apple juice (SunMoon fruit cup)65g Plain flour
Egg whites batter160g Egg whites60g Sugar 
Fillings: 2 SunMoon mandarin orange fruit cups80g Non Dairy whipped cream
*Add in 2 Tbsp apple juice into whipped cream & whipped until spreadable consistency. 
1. Mix egg yolks, vegetable oil & apple juice together.
2. Add in sifted flour into egg yolk batter till combined.  
3. Whip egg whites till frothy. Add in sugar gradually & whipped till stiff peak.
4. Add into (2) & fold gently to obtain a smooth batter.  
5. Pour batter into the tray & bake @ 180 deg C for 10mins. Leave to cool.
6. Spread cream evenly on cake. Placed mandarin oranges on top & roll up.
Mandarin Orange Swiss Roll

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