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Man Shoots Porsche Boxster

Posted on the 22 December 2011 by Mikeb302000 reports on the O'Fallon man who turned out to be quite the misuser of a handgun. Craig P. Nance, 53 years old, didn't like that he estranged wife wouldn't reconcile. He really didn't like that she was going out with her boss. And what drove him over the edge, you can hardly blame the guy, was the boyfriend's car, a 1998 Porsche Boxster.
Being a strong believer in the old adage, "guns are the answer to every problem," he shot up the car.
Here's the bizarre and sad part of the story.
Nance and his wife are the parents of Alexandra Nance, who was fatally shot by an O'Fallon police officer last year, O'Fallon Police Chief John Betten confirmed. The Nances filed a lawsuit Nov. 7 against officer Adam Taulbee and the city of O'Fallon.
Hours before that shooting, Alexandra Nance, 20, had allegedly threatened to kill her boyfriend, Joe Shaffer, who had just ended their relationship.
Later that day, Alexander Nance left her father's home with a loaded gun and his truck. She was stopped by Taulbee in Shaffer's driveway.
Taulbee shot Alexandra Nance when she failed to comply to four orders for her to drop the .25-caliber pistol, according to an Illinois State Police investigation.
This is the part of the picture our friends on TTAG like to ignore. They talk about responsibly teaching their daughters how to defend themselves. I suppose that works pretty well when you yourself are truly responsible. But not all gun owners are, that's the sad truth. In this case, young Alexandra learned the lesson very well from her daddy that "guns are the answer to all our problems," and she ended up dead.
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