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M&S Gluten Free New York Cheesecake

By Kev A @kevvieguy
Marks Spencer gluten free cheesecake
It's Coeliac Awareness Week right now, and although I'm not diagnosed as Coeliac myself I am very sensitive to gluten, so I've been trying out a lot of the fantastic new Made Without Wheat products from Marks & Spencer recently. M&S really are the best at Gluten Free stuff, I find them much better than most other supermarket ranges. They have a great choice of gluten free cakes, muffins, slices, pies, puddings...and more besides. I'm yet to see them do a gluten free pizza though...*hint hint* M&S! 
One thing I've really missed since going gluten free, and that you can't find in any supermarket for love nor money is Gluten Free Cheesecake. It's such a simple thing to make, yet no one but M&S has produced one (hopefully that will change!) So I was ridiculously excited when I found this! It's a baked vanilla "New York Style" Cheesecake with a gluten free biscuit base. 
Marks Spencer gluten free cheesecake
I popped the cheesecake out of its plastic tray carefully, and slid it onto a plate. It had a gorgeous, tangy vanilla aroma that brought back all my happy memories of eating cheesecake before going gluten free. Yum! 
Marks Spencer gluten free cheesecake
I cut off a slice (or two!) and took a bite. Yum, this is one tasty cheesecake! It's a typical dense cheesecake filling, tasting creamy, fresh and slightly tangy, with s strong vanilla edge. The base is lovely and crunchy and compliments it perfectly. I promptly cut off another slice and enjoyed it with felt so good to eat cheesecake again after so long! 
Overall, this is a lovely Gluten Free Cheesecake, and the first I've seen in a UK supermarket, so bravo to M&S for leading the way! I hope to see some flavoured varieties in the future...maybe strawberry or caramel? (Fingers crossed!)
8 out of 10. 

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