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Mammoth Salmon- Call of the Mammoth

Posted on the 10 January 2014 by Ripplemusic
Mammoth Salmon- Call of the Mammoth
Mammoth Salmon is a 2 piece is a bare bones is your face doom band from Portland Oregon. Call of the Mammoth is the third Ep released from the band in 12 months.

This Album is one of those EP's that plays all the way through and doesn't have any filler at all. It has everything a doom record ought to  have slow heavy cranked up Guitars,thunderous bass lines. Solid drumming of and Clean yet dirty Vocals that will easily guide you through this short yet satisfying EP. The recording has a raw Dirty Analog Sound and will take you back to a era when things were not ultra polished by pro-tools.. its very refreshing his album has a ton of balls and I enjoyed every minute of it. Each track has a different feel to it.  COM  has songs at a  Somewhat Moderate tempo stoner rock then but then it shifts to Ultra slow doom that rivals most. It's definitely a album with a lot of replay value.
 My Favorite  song on the EP  Would probably be "Sacred Smoke" Its Swampy sludgy riffs made it really stand out. In the beginning the track the guitar player attacks the strings on the clean channel riff by strumming so hard it sounds almost like he knocks it out of tune. this was a unique sound and not often do guitar players do that.weather deliberate or not it sounded Awesome The album is full of very cool guitar tricks that add strange ambient sounds to it. The best part was It seems he was able to create them with what seems like very little effects.
 I've probably listened to it more then five times and with every time it gets better. I'm looking forward to hearing more from there guys

 Every track on This album is very good and I recommend it for fans of Sleep, Electric Wizard or Bongzilla.

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