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Mama June Shannon’s Makeover Took Her from a ‘size 18 to Size 4′

Posted on the 03 April 2017 by Sumithardia

True story: we haven’t written about Mama June Shannon since 2014. That was the year when TLC’s popular reality show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, imploded with a series of revelations about child abuse and more. Mama June Shannon is the matriarch of a Georgia working-class clan, and Honey Boo Boo is her youngest daughter. For several years, Mama June and Honey Boo Boo enjoyed their reality-show fame, but it all came crashing down when it was revealed that June had an on-again-off-again relationship with a predator who had abused at least one of her older daughters. TLC put the show on hold and advertisers fled the network, which would end up being a precursor for what went down with the Duggars.
Well, Mama June is back and now she’s the star of the reality show. She’s the star of WE’s Mama June: From Not to Hot. It’s a makeover reality show, but it still follows June’s family in general. The idea behind it is that June was very overweight and unhealthy – she had a crappy diet and she always felt like death – and so a team of dieticians, fitness gurus and surgeons were called in to transform June. And they did transform her. A few days ago, the new Mama June was revealed:
Another one #MamaJune pic.twitter.com/Tbfy5DL0XR
— Mama June (@MamaJune_BooBoo) April 1, 2017

According to Mama June, she went from a size 18 to a size 4, which… yeah, maybe in Kardashian/Kirstie Alley Sizing. Don’t get me wrong, I applaud June for making the effort and I hope she’s a lot healthier now. But I do wonder if calling herself a “size 4” now is defeating the purpose of this exercise. Speaking of exercise, how much of this transformation really came from changing her fitness and diet versus liposuction and surgery? I don’t know. According to People Magazine, June went under the knife to “remove skin from her neck, arms, back and stomach. Shannon also underwent breast augmentation surgery and got a new set of veneers.” I mean… okay. I can’t believe they gave her another show, honestly.
Some pictures from tonight's episode I hope yall enjoyed the journey with me the season finale will b next week it will b crazy #MamaJune pic.twitter.com/hjc2oO0NBa
— Mama June (@MamaJune_BooBoo) April 1, 2017

Photos courtesy of WENN, June’s social media.

Source: celebitchy.com

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