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Malteser Covered Chocolate Easter Egg

By Socksupermarket

Here’s a little idea we came up with here at ssm;

The…. Malteser covered Chocolate Easter Egg!!!

Its a little over the top we know… but oh well, it’s Easter after all


Effective and yet super super simple, it makes an impressive Easter gift, it’s a great recipe for using up any left over chocolate you may have! It’s also fab for keeping the kids entertained for a good few hours too, so you can put your feet up.

Malteser covered Chocolate Easter Egg

Tips before you start

-We started at the top of the egg and worked our way down.
-Use a bowl or mug to prop your egg in whilst you stick on the maltesers.
-You might find it handy to every so often put the egg in the fridge so it doesn’t start melting.


All you need is an Easter egg of your choice, we used a Lindt egg (our favorite one) and then simply..


1. Melt the chocolate – you can use  any brand of chocolate (we used left over Easter egg)

2. Dip the maltesers (one at a time) into to cooled down, melted chocolate (think of this a the glue.)

3. Start sticking the maltesers to your egg. Its as simple as that.

4. Finished! Well done, your eggs complete! Enjoy!

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