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Malta's Cart Ruts - an Enigma Yet to Be Solved

By Momoduh
What a coincidence it was to have peeked into an article about Turkey's ancient and mysterious Cart Ruts, before heading out to Malta. Somewhere, deep in my mind (subconscious) that peculiar detail have sticked and waited for its time patiently.
Panoramic view of Dingli Cliff
There I was in the Malta's National Museum of Archaeology in Valetta (5 Euro - ticket). Totally
recommended for history geeks and people that can't be diverted from the Malta's hidden gems by swimming and bourgeois touristy stuff. I am joking, don't skip them, just keep your eyes open –Malta's surprises wait around the corner!
Cart Ruts information in National Museum Archaeology Malta
To my amazement, one small corridor in the museum offered a vivid reconstruction of an actual Cart Rut with a short video guide. Well, it turns out the small island is traversed in and out by these strange lines. They run parallel and are of a specific diameter and depth, often forming railway like net. That information got me hooked and slowly I came to connect the dots. These are the .... famous Cart Ruts (my memory clicked – Turkey, I could have overlooked this aspect of Malta).
Wow, no matter whether you are into Ancient Aliens or are a die-hard skeptic that will cause you shaking head. "Wait, why this diameter, and depth and so much like train line tracks?"
It is not by chance, one region (close to Dingli Cliffs) is called Clapham Junction (former Misrah Ghar il-Kbir). People, who have visited the hectic London, will know what I mean. Just like the traffic intersections of the modern metropolis. There are few clues to where to find directions to the actual Cart Rut sites, the once I saw can be attributed to providence.
Another striking coincidence, my hostel happened to be close to one small, unpretencious site on Tal-Mensija street (San Gwann Junction Cart Ruts). It is a small plot of land, protected by a fence. It is a shame this is not a popular touristic spot.
San Gwann Junction Cart Ruts close view
San Gwann Junction Cart Ruts several parallel lines
If you are planning to go to the Ta Hagrat and Skorba temples I strongly encourage you to make the effort and walk the distance between them. Not to keep your body muscles in shape, but so that you don't miss a small area, guarded by bins section, rich in the same mysterious lines.
One pleasant and envigorating walk can be made from Valetta to the Sliemma Bay. Do pay attention to the rocky beach, especially when you discover the same strange Cart Ruts, we were discussing. From the street they look so precise, almost machine like. According to the scarce information (and some things I read on social media) here the Ruts are said to go into the water. Amazing, isn't it.
The major ancient ruins for the avarage tempted traveler are definately hotspot. However, should you decide to move away and see something away from the crowds, don't miss the Cart Ruts. They spark imagination and you will end up asking yourself what may lay hidden on the Earth and this very intrigueing, plot of land - irrigation, transportation, too many questions – few answers.
Should you happen to be willing to dig deeper into the matter – a good starting point.
Cart Ruts between Ta Hagat and Skorba temples
Between Ta Hagat and Skorba temples - rails like lines

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