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Making Art from Discarded Items

By Boiseartist

Making Art from Discarded Items

Glass Journey 5" x 7" $75

I love it when I can use stuff up and turn it into something I really like. I have had the frame for a few years, I took it out of the trash when a friend of mine threw it away and I said, "can have that?" She looked at me quizzically but said, "sure, I don't want it." And so it sat. Same thing with the rectangular piece of glass in the background with the red, blue, green glass pieces. I think it was once a sample piece for a fused glass class. Well this piece came together after my previous post about glass beach and my finds there. I bought some Glass and Bead Adhesive and glued the fused glass piece first. Then put a thin ribbon of adhesive around the edges of the frame and sprinkled some of the smallest pieces of glass around like glitter. Each corner got a piece of coral. Around the fused glass piece are larger pebbles of sea glass that I also found. The top of the bottle  is all smooth from the sea and holds some "glass flowers". Surrounding the bottle top are some of the blue and green sea glass glued in a swirling pattern to mimic leaves and/or water.
Even though the first day of spring took a turn for winter (snow this morning) all I have to do is look at this in my bathroom window and feel a little lighter and (warmer).

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