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Making a Tree Fairy Ornament

By Nancymccarroll
Taking part in a fairy ornament holiday exchange, I first went to Pinterest to look at a few fairies.  This site from a Japanese blogger had a face that looked like it might work if I could craft it from clay or paper mache.  It appeared to be made from molding clay, so I began crafting a face with white Fimo.
After making the head and face, I stuck it on a cottonwood twig and baked it for half an hour, then wound some yarn over a pipe cleaner for fairy legs.
Making a Tree Fairy Ornament
 Leaves and silk for her body covering
Making a Tree Fairy Ornament
 Fairies gotta have wings!  Feathers glued underneath plastic butterfly wings, covered on the back with silk leaves in fall colors.
Making a Tree Fairy Ornament
Now we have arms snapped off a bush
Making a Tree Fairy Ornament Tomorrow, the finished fairy.  Hold your breath that she actually looks like a wood fairy.  No peeking, PomPom.

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