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Makeup For Glasses: Tips, Tricks and a Tutorial

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

Makeup and Glasses? Do You Need More or Less?

This is an interesting question and there is no one right answer!

It may depend on your prescription and what you can see, such as if you are long or short-sighted and how easy it is for you to apply makeup.


Generally, those with short sight can see more easily up close to a mirror to apply makeup and so wearing glasses may not change their ability to apply well. Your glasses will make your eyes appear smaller so you may want to wear eye makeup that helps to make them appear larger. Avoid too much dark eye makeup that can close your eyes up, instead go for techniques that open up your eyes and make them appear larger.


Those with long-sightedness often find that it becomes harder and harder to see up close and they need stronger magnifying mirrors to do it well (there are all sorts of different strengths of magnifyer, so get one that works for you and your eyes) and so may find that they choose to wear less makeup. And because your glasses will magnify your eyes, then it's really important that your makeup is well blended and mascara not clumpy so mistakes aren't more obvious.

Colour, Size and Shape of Glasses

The colour, size and shape of your frames will also impact on your makeup choices. If the colour stands out, this alone will draw attention to your eyes, liketheseonesdobelow.Makeup For Glasses: Tips, Tricks and a Tutorial

But if they are neutral or less obvious then you may find that you need more eye makeup to draw attention to your eyes.

Makeup For Glasses: Tips, Tricks and a Tutorial

Makeup and Your Brows

Whether they cover your eyebrows and parts of your eyes, whether they blend with your colouring or disappear (rimless or clear or neutral) or they stand out.

Personality and Preferences

Also, personality comes into the equation too! Do you enjoy wearing makeup and want to enhance your eyes with it or do you prefer to be makeup-free or sport a more 'natural' look?

Which features do you like to play up to? Is it eyes or lips or both? With the need to wear face-masks so much these days, lipstick can end up not being worn or seen when out and eyes have taken over as the feature to highlight as they show expression and drawing attention to them is something that helps you communicate when half your face is covered.

Shape of Eyes

What shape are your eyes? As we age, eyes tend to get smaller and become deeper set- and this can mean that eye makeup doesn't have the same impact as it did, though even wearing some mascara can help to give them some definition. Depending on the shape of your eyes the makeup application will differ and the size of your eyes and the glasses you wear (remember, the point above about some glasses making eyes appear larger and others smaller).

How to Stop Getting Makeup On Your Glasses

Yes being a glasses wearer means that you'll often get makeup on your glasses, particularly on the nose pieces. Ideally, keep foundation to a minimum on the area of the nose that your glasses sit on, and make sure you powder that area to set the makeup so this will stop or reduce the amount of makeup you get on your glasses.

Makeup and Glasses Tutorial

Here is a great tutorial by Lisa Eldridge on makeup application for both short-sighted and long-sighted glasses wearers.

Make Your Lips the Feature

If you just find putting on eye makeup too tricky, then why not make your lips the feature instead (if you're not wearing face masks or are on video-conference calls). A colour that harmonises with your colouring and that adds colour to your face can be enough to give you the look of a more made-up face without having to do more.

Remember if you have more fine lips, then don't wear lipstick shades that are too dark as they will make your lips appear smaller. And don't forget liner and a lip primer if you find that bleeding is an issue which can be particularly common with red lipstick.

If you'd love to know more about selecting makeup colours to flatter then check out my Hair and Makeup Masterclasses which give you heaps of information and tutorials on choosing the most flattering hair and makeup colours and styles for you! By the way, this masterclass comes FREE with my 7 Steps to Style Program, along with my Eyewear Masterclass that helps you choose the most flattering frames for you face and colouring!

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