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Make Your Small Home Business Look Like A Large Business Empire

Posted on the 23 September 2018 by Kronicgeek

Size matters. Consumers are usually more trusting of a large company than a smaller one. This is because large companies generally have a more established brand, more resources and more experience (this doesn't always mean they're better, but most people think they are).

As a result, many small companies can find themselves losing business to larger ones. Fortunately, there is a way to compete with these big companies and that is to make your company appear bigger than it is.

Obviously, you should never lie about your size, however you can use a few tricks to make people assume your company is huge - even if you are a one-man-company working from your bedroom.

Using a virtual address prevents you from having to disclose your real address to clients. Companies like allow you to rent an address in a prime city location to which all your mail gets sent. You can choose to have this mail redirected to your real address or you can view it online.

Outsource a phone answering service

If it's always you picking up the phone, clients may start to assume that no-one else works at the company. Hiring a private secretary can be expensive and you may feel that you don't have enough work to give them. Instead, you could be much better off outsourcing a phone answering service such as - a team of people will then be able to answer the phone for you and relay any important information to you whilst filtering out spam calls and general enquiries. Not only can this make your company seem more credible by having trained professionals answering the phone, it can all free up time spent answering the phone and it can provide your company with 24 hour point of contact for when you're too busy.

Build more reviews and testimonials

Consumers nowadays put a lot of trust into reviews and testimonials. Having lots of positive feedback online can show that your company has a lot of experience and it can make people believe you're a large and successful company. By encouraging every happy customer to leave a review on the likes of , you can convince customers that you're credible. Hiding from reviews could have the opposite effect - making consumers believe that you have no experience or that you're simply masking a bad reputation.

Boost your social media following

Having a large social media following can also convince consumers that you're a large company. Nowadays it's possible to buy likes and followers, but this can be deceitful and can actually have a negative impact on your social media marketing (most of these follows will come from dead accounts to which all your social media posts will go, stopping your real followers from seeing these posts). Instead, invite all your friends and family to follow you and make it a habit of encouraging every customer to follow you.

Invest in your appearance

Your physical appearance can also make a big impact. If you're dressing too casually when meeting clients, you won't look like a serious company. That doesn't mean you have to wear a suit - you could simply wear branded clothing or dress smart-casual. If you've got a company vehicle, you could also invest in branding for this such as vinyl wrapping .

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