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By Annamoss84 @missanniebean
We have been our home for nearly 3 years now and due to lack of money have only just started to redecorate. Getting married, moving jobs, going freelance all seemed to take it's tool, and money we'd saved to revamp and renovate went on other top priority bits. Even though we've finally decided to knuckle down and put our personal stamp on the house, we still don't have a vast amount of money so small tweaks with large impact are key. With this in mind I'm hoping this post may help to inspire you, (and me) if you're also on a small budget looking to add some art to your walls. This is all with the help of wall art specialistDesenio Art Prints
Desenio are a Scandinavian company who specialise in Nordic designs and I am absolutely loving them! The best part is the prints are super cheap meaning you can totally transform a neglected wall into something spectacular. The key areas I want to focus on today are dressing room/bedroom, blogging office, kitchen, living room and of course the first impression of the entrance hall. 
Blog Office //
Blog Office Art
The blog office I think is something we all crave (as bloggers!) and the Scandinavian and Nordic designs from Desenio are very much up a bloggers street. Lots of must-have designs with quotes, graphical prints, simplistic nature pieces and of course stunning animal photography. Having artwork in your blog space that is simple and clutter free, creates the same ambiance mentally thus allowing you to have that creative mental flow without feel 'clogged up'.
Bedroom //
Bedroom Art
If you love your dressing table area and you're a typical make up lover, then you are going to adore the fashion specific prints available. Quotes from fashion icons, photographs of models, lipstick and nail polish shots, all create a strong chic vibe around the bedroom. My personal favourites are the slightly blurred nail polish image above, which also has a partner print with a lipstick on. 
Living Room //
Living Room Dreaming Art
A living room is often a neutral themed space, you get the majority of guests in this area so I've gone with a nature/world inspiration. Forests, stags, and classic world maps look amazing in the living room. Mixing up images of landscape with fun prints like this stag silhouette really make the living room quirky without being too bold. Obviously if you do want a specific theme such as fashion then you have so much choice, and if you're stuck for ideas check out the inspiration section on the Desenio website.
Entrance Hall //
Entrance Hall Art
This one is quite personal to me and my love of all things french! I actually have the bike poster and the map of Paris - both to star on the wall of my hallway. I've gone for a bike as I love to cycle and because there is obviously the Tour De France. This is a good way of mixing up print styles so we have a quote, a map and simple picture of a bike. You'll notice we have both portrait and landscape images here, which I think is sometimes good to steer away from predominantly having portrait all the time. 
Kitchen //
Kitchen Art
The kitchen is always a funny one because I personally don't have a lot of wall space! In fact at present where I want to hang two pictures is currently where the coats live. These will soon be moved, (as we are currently working on the kitchen first) to be replaced with some exciting kitchen prints like the ones above. I'd never really thought of pictures in the kitchen but I really think these posters  and believe they'd would look fantastic, especially in a way to give a splash of personality to the kitchen. Whenever we have people over we always seem to gravitate to the kitchen for drinks so it seems silly not to liven it up as well.
All the wall art in each moodboard is available on Desenio right now with each available in a different size. Depending on whether you want just one picture on it's own, or you're looking to create a wall gallery you have lots of options! Prices start from £2.29 for the smallest up to £99 for the bigger and more exclusive prints. These pictures don't come with frames although there are frames available - but believe it or not they do suggest standard frames from Ikea will in fact fit these posters. 
Before I leave you to beaver away at creating your own picture moodbaord, one thing I will say is that if you're like me and a little clueless about even attempting to create a wall gallery, Desenio actually give you a helping hand in how to do just that (click here). They always give you non stop inspiration depending which room your doing up, show off their instagram account and even allow you to see what other customers have done with their pieces of art. Honestly the possibilities are endless and I'm super excited to add some character to my walls with some of these Desenio products... watch this space as my kitchen is so close to being finished!
If you want to check out more of the art work available click here to see more fabulous posters online
*Post in collaboration with Desenio*

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