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Make Your Dog Shine with Isle of Dogs

By Kristy @mileydailyscoop
Having three Goldens one can only imagine the amount of time spent keeping them clean and fresh. Lucky for us, they all enjoy taking baths but sometimes we just don't have the time.
When it comes to keeping your dogs clean you want to do it safely by using products that are gentle on their skin and coat.
We were recently given the chance to try a few Isle of Dogs™ products on the Goldens and we couldn't wait to share them with you and give you a chance to win some for yourself!
grooming your dog with Isle of Dogs grooming products review and giveaway Disclaimer: Golden Daily Scoop received a box of Isle of Dogs Daily Essentials, Shampoo, Waterless Shampoo and Odor Neutralizer in exchange for our honest review. We received no other compensation and Isle of Dogs is not responsible for the content of this post.
Isle of Dogs combines superior grooming products with premium natural treats and supplements to promote wellness and beauty. Their proprietary line of canine health and beauty products are sourced and made in the USA.
make your golden retriever shine with isle of dogs shampoo and waterless shampoo

Deep Cleaning Shampoo

This Everyday NaturalLuxury Shampoo is specifically created with a gentle sulfate and paraben free formula. This particular scent is red berries + champagne - need I say more? The only way I can describe it is light, clean and refreshing.
Not only did I love the scent, but it really got the grime out of Miley's double coat. It really cut through the dirt, rinsed out easily and as you can see in the picture above, left her coat feeling soft and shiny.
keep your dog clean in between baths with isle of dogs waterless shampoo

Refreshing Waterless Shampoo

Also part of the Everyday NaturalLuxury line the Refreshing Waterless Shampoo is also sulfate and paraben free, this waterless shampoo gets the job done without, you guessed it - water!
Let me just say Waterless Shampoo is GENIUS! There's a thousand reasons to have this on hand at home, here are a few of our favorites.
  • Great for in-between baths.
  • Your dog doesn't enjoy baths.
  • Less stressful for your senior dog
  • Your dog rolled in a stench right after their bath (true story!)
  • Great for removing stains from light colored dogs.
It's so simple to use, just pump a good amount onto your hand and rub into their coat, then dry with a towel. It dries quickly without leaving a sticky residue behind. Like I said, GENIUS! 
keep your dog and soccer cleats smelling fresh with odor neutralizing spray from isle of dogs

Odor Neutralizer

Replรกscent is an odor neutralizing spray that is safe for your dog and around the home. It neutralizes odors and replaces them with a light and refreshing scent. The one we tried is sugar cane + grapefruit.  Mmmm, I think this is my favorite scent of all.
As soon as I learned it was safe for dogs and around the house, I knew exactly who and what I was going to try it out on. 
Whenever there is a stench lingering around the house there are only two possible sources...
First source: Bruin, our only boy of the Goldens and man does he like to stink it up!  freshen up your dog in between baths with isle of dogs odor neutralizing spray After playing in the yard, he comes inside and has a rather unpleasant odor on him. I don't know what  he gets into or rolls in but it stays with him and stinks up the house. I love that it is safe enough to spray right onto his coat, so quick and easy we have the kids do it!
Second source: soccer cleats.  Eww. Eww. Eww. 
There is nothing quite like the smell of ripe cleats. Nothing. But I am happy to report that this spray definitely gets the job done.  Get the stink out of soccer cleats with isle of dogs odor neutralizing spray The only thing I can find disappointing about this spray is that I didn't find it sooner, what a life and nose saver!  Isle of dog odor neutralizing spray for dogs and around the home review and giveaway The Odor Neutralizer contains no toxic chemicals, parabens, petrochemicals, animal by-products, and no lab animal testing. 
Now that we have the Goldens all clean and smelling fresh, lets fill up their bellies with some whole food goodness! healthy dog treats for healthy skin and shiny coat review

Dogs Treats for Healthy Skin & Shiny Coat

Daily Essentials are crunchy all natural treats that deliver healthy nutrients from grains, fruits, vegetables and herbs. isle of dogs daily essentials healthy dog treats review and giveaway Maggie tried the Carrots, Cranberries & Rosemary treats and loved them! These treats are made with a pumpkin base, making them gluten-free with no addition of synthetic vitamins, fillers or additives. Best of all, they are made in the USA!
As you can see these treats are large which you will never hear the Goldens complain about. If you happen to have a smaller dog, they can be easily broken into smaller pieces.
We give the Isle of Dogs products a GOLDEN PAWS UP! They definitely get the job done while leaving a light sweet scent which can only mean two things, extras cuddles and healthy treats! 
You can purchase Isle of Dogs products via their website. ENTER THE GIVEAWAY BELOW! Isle of Dogs grooming products and treats giveaway
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