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Make Your Dog’s Crate His Favorite Place

By Hundidocom @hundidopuppy
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If you want to confine your puppy or dog to one are of the house or apartment, consider an indoor exercise pen or a dog crate. These plastic or wire kennels come in a variety of sizes and give your home-alone dog a lot of safe space. Place his bed and food at one end, and, if necessary, place newspaper on the opposite end to act as an emergency bathroom. Dogs prize cleanliness and don’t want to spoil their sleeping quarters.

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Crates are great when used properly. Dogs are den animals by nature. They like to nestle and rest inside cozy protective environments. The problem arises when crates are misused and confine dogs for extended periods of time. Crates should be safe retreats, not prison cells for dogs. Your dog needs to associate the crate with positive praise from you and quiet solace. Never stick your dog inside a crate as a punishment for misbehaving. You will only end up confusing your dog about the role the crate serves.

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To make the crate rank as one of your dog’s favorite places, follow these steps:

  • Assemble the crate and put it in a busy area of the house, such as the kitchen, so your dog will not feel abandoned or isolated.
  • Leave the door open. Cover the flooring with comfy bedding, and place on of your dog’s favorite toys inside.
  • When your curious dog checks out the crate, tell him, “Go to your crate,” and toss a tasty treat inside.
  • Keep the door open so that your dog can enter and leave at will to build up his trust of the crate.
  • Once your dog displays confidence in entering the crate, try feeding him on occasional meal inside the crate, placing his food bowl in the back end.
  • Toss one of his toys into the crate. As he plays with it, close the crate door without a lot of fanfare. Keep the door closed for a few minutes and praise your dog.
  • Extend the length of time you keep your dog inside the crate. Your dog will soon lean that the crate represents a great place to get treats and catch some afternoon naps without being disturbed.

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