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Make Way For Sir Richard…

By Blairbarnes

So a few days ago I was at work and as soon as I walked in I was approached by my manager that said I would be serving a very important guest that day. I was not very affected by it because we work in an affluent area and have several VIPs that come in on the regular, so in my head I thought, “great another FIDI douche who thinks money makes him/her more important, can’t wait to bend over to them later!!”

Anywho my manager informed me that this very important guest would be Sir Richard Branson himself, I about shit myself, Branson is one of our biggest heroes over here at Stuck Serving.

He is the epitome of an amazing, influential businessman who loves to adventure and entrepreneurial by nature! Also, he is going to space..soon..with his kids…on the first commercial endeavor…yes a badass. So upon hearing this I make sure the table is extra specially polished, let my bussers all know un hombre muy importante que viene, literally count the minutes until Sir Richard’s beautiful face graces us with his presence.

So the hotel calls yet again to let us know their VIP is changing the reservation name to “Georgie” because Mr. Branson wants to be incognito, even though he asked for a table on the patio, in the sun. P.S. our patio is very public. So to me this seems weird, but my manager insists that it’s totally normal and I should be ready come 12:30 to provide super excellent service.

12:30 comes, a man in a suit comes in and says he’s checking in for the Georgie reservation, obviously a minion of sorts. So I approach said extra special table outside where Mr. Branson has made himself comfortable, I am greeted with an American accent and a request for kale and carrot juice…hello where do you think you are Sir Richard impostor, a juice bar!!! SO I return inside and tell everyone that after our careful planning at the request of a hotel concierge, alas, Sir Richard is not in the building. Yes, I was met with some rejections of my claims but after a quick Google search we discovered Sir Richard was in fact not in the country that day.

So to you Richard Branson impostor I say, you number is up at my restaurant, don’t try it again with your American accent and thirst for kale and carrot juice!!!!

- Kristen, StuckServing.com

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