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Make the Most of Media to Learn Spanish Language

By Tlb

Media has long been used as tools to allow learners to effectively learn Spanish language. That’s why the latest news we are going to update today is how media was able to boost a learner’s interest to acquire Spanish language learning.

Countries and regions where the Spanish language is spoken

Ever heard of Telemundo? If you are Hispanic, probably you’re an avid watcher of this channel. In fact, Telemundo has long been airing in the United States for quite some time. But since there are various other TV companies that air Spanish programs, Telemundo embraced a new strategy.


This new strategy takes their typical Spanish programs added with English subtitles and Spanglish. It was successfully implemented because they aim to attract deep-pocketed viewers and the advertisers who covet them. True, but it’s also another way to break language barriers, don’t you agree?


“The new approach, reflecting the changing dynamics of Hispanics across the country, can be seen in the network debut of the Cuban-born television personality Cristina Saralegui as the host of a Sunday variety show, and in a crop of new telenovelas intended to reflect the sensibilities of acculturated Hispanics,” quoting Amy Chozick post in NY Times.


This strategy is greatly effective to students especially if those students who are taking foreign language courses at the same time. Since the TV Channel’s programs will make turn out to be more flexible, its target audience does not only cover Spanish-speaking people but also those who are in the process of learning Spanish. It also includes language learners who find Spanish an interesting language to acquire.


Emilio Romano, Telemundo’s president, goaled to “focus on a more acculturated, more bilingual” audience, without alienating the core Spanish-dominant viewers.


So this is indeed good news for those who are currently learning Spanish right? Get motivated and allow media to assist you personally with your Spanish language learning.


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