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Make Free Calls Abroad with Vonage

By Djridings @fivethingsnow

Replace your old phone service with Vonage and Save!

I was recently asked to trial the new Vonage internet call box.


The Vonage Box is Open

Basically the Vonage box allows you to make cheaper calls through you internet broadband service.

There are various tariffs you can use ranging in price from £6.00 pounds a month to £19.00 pounds a month. Some of these tariffs allow you to make unlimited calls to 68 countries. Cheaper calls to mobile phones are also available.You can read about the different options here.

When I agreed to this trial the box I had forgotten that I didn’t know anyone else in any other country than the UK to call – in fact this proved the hardest part of the Vonage trial!

The setting up of the Vonage box is very easy. There are full instructions but to be honest any one used to ‘computer’ wires will intuitively plug and play with success.


The back of the Vonage box is clearly labelled!

1. Stare at your new box and dream about all the countries you can ring. Unwrap the instructions with excitement.


The wrapped instructions ready to be opened!


Here is the info graphic on how to set it up but you don’t really need it!

2. Unwrap the modem wire and power cable and plug them into the Vonage box.

3. Disconnect your phone from wall socket and connect it into the back of the Vonage box. Connect the modem wire from the Vonage box into your internet router. It is a good idea to power down your router and power it up again when all connected. This is quite an important and vital step.


Those blue lights look reassuring!

4. Wait a good 5 minutes for all the channels to open (presumably this is what is happening). I was a a little impatient as an American voice on the other end was saying that Vonage wasn’t registered to my network. After a mild panic, one minute later it all worked. Just be patient!

Make free calls abroad with Vonage

Make free calls abroad with Vonage

5. Pick up the phone and dial as you did before. I randomly phoned the Shangri la hotel in Singapore and the Sir Francis Drake hotel in San Francisco to see if they had any reservations available for this evening! Ridiculous really.


Room for tonight?

Vonage works really well. It is so easy to set up and it will save you money. So think about your useage, choose a tariff and wait for it to arrive through your letter box.


Thanks for reading.

David Ridings


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