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Make Animated Movies Online For Free

Posted on the 11 November 2012 by Jyoti Arora @Jy0tiAr0ra

The animated movies these days are getting more and more magnificent and awe-inspiring. And not just skill, creativity and imagination, but a lot of high-tech mastery is now also required to create a quality animated movie.

However, if you want to make a short animated video for yourself just for fun, or to use in some project, things have become much easier now to meet these purposes. Yes, creating simple animated videos is now as easy as typing text.

If you do a quick googling, you’d find many different websites offering different kinds of simple ‘do it yourself’ kind of animating services. I can’t say that I have tried them all. But here are a couple that I have tried and liked.

Go!Animate: Go!Animate offers a pretty simple way to create animations. All you need to do is choose a set, choose your characters, type the text to turn it into speech, or record your voice, choose appropriate emotions and you are set to have an animated video of your own ready. Just preview the video. If you need to change anything, that is easy too. Just scroll the page up and change what you need to change. And when you are done editing, click save and then Publish.

Here’s a tutorial video that will show you how simple the process is.

Just remember:

1. There are two ways you can access Go!Animate. You can create your account on its website, or you can access it via Youtube by choosing it from the Youtube Create page. I would recommend using the Youtube app as it offers more for free. If you create your videos on the website, you can neither download the videos nor publish them on Youtube. For these, you’d need to have a paid account. A free video will be saved and published on the Go!Animate website. From there, you can share it on Facebook, twitter, email, copy its link and also embed it on your website.

2. If you are creating videos on the website for free, you will have to keep your videos shorter than 2 minutes if you have registered only a free account. But if you use the app on Youtube, you can make longer videos and share them easily on Youtube.

Here’s a video that I made using Go!Animate:

SIII and a Love Story


Xtranormal is another similar animated video maker. It offers more ways to customize your animations. These include altering the camera angles, the movements and gestures and adding background sounds to the videos. These customizations make the videos more interesting, but it also means you’ll have to spend a little more time on your videos to make them as interesting as they can get. But of course, you can just use the defaults and make a quick video too.

However, you need Xtranormal Points. Every free account is gifted with 300 XPs. And you can use characters and other assets that come within the XPs you have. Generally, one single video with two characters will use up the 300 XPs. However, once you have bought the assets (characters etc.) they get added to your collection and you can use them again in another video. But for using other characters, you’ll need to purchase more XPs.

The videos you create on the website of Xtranormal can be downloaded or uploaded to Youtube even if you have a free account. You can also share them by passing along the link given. They can be embedded to websites as well.

Xtranonmal can also be accessed from the Create page on Youtube. However, I was not able to use this app. The app just kept on asking for authorization and would not proceed further.

So these were two of the most popular free animated video making services. I personally prefer using Go!Animate via Youtube app. But you can try these services for yourself and see which you like best.

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