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Make A DIY Honeymoon Fund Painted Globe

By Weddingblog2011
Make A DIY Honeymoon Fund Painted Globe

A hand painted and personalized globe is the perfect way to ask for travel funds. Set out this charming hand painted globe in case your guests want to contribute to your travels instead of giving a traditional gift. This is the perfect way to show how much you love adventure!

Step One: Gather The Materials

You will need a globe. These are somewhat out dated now that we all have electronic maps on hand, so one of the best places to find an old fashioned, spherical globe on a stand is a thrift store. You can also look for used globes at tag sales or online. Because globes have that antique air about them, this project would go great with a vintage themed wedding.

Next pick up acrylic paints in all basic colors plus gold, Gesso, an x-acto knife, a set of brushes which includes small pointed brushes for fine details (you could also use a gold or silver pen for fine details and lettering), and a metal ruler.

Step Two: Prep Your Globe

Clean the surface of your globe and then coat it with a layer of white Gesso or white paint. If you plan on using dark colors, you can skip this step, but light colors will look best with a white base beneath them. If you are a messy artist, think about covering the globe's stand with cut plastic bags which you can tape into place.

Step Three: Paint The Globe

Get creative as you paint on the surface of your globe. Since you will be using the globe as a honeymoon fund, think about using playful wording to ask for money for your honeymoon. Consider matching the style and color of your globe to your wedding theme.

Step Four: Cut Out An Opening And Finish The Stand

Finish up your project by cutting a slit into the globe's surface, somewhere near the top of the sphere. This opening should be large enough for a standard card. Use your ruler and x-acto knife in order to get clean lines. Next, paint the stand of your globe gold for a finished look. All done!

After your wedding day, you will have a globe full of treasures for you to open up. Since you didn't make an opening in your globe to get the money out, you will have to cut into it! Are you hoping to collect some honeymoon funding on your wedding day? What do you think about this idea? Please leave a comment and let me know!

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