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Major Ignorance Regarding My “Symptoms Of Voodoo Black Magic” Post

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

Isn’t It Sad When People Jump To Conclusions When They Do Not Take Out Time To Research All Of The Facts?

It Really Shows Their Stupidity. People Really Should Know What They Are Talking About Before They Go On To Make Accusations.

Please, Anyone, Before You Come At Me With Some Notion That Is Formed In Your Mind It Would Be Very Wise To Ask Me First. That Is What You Are Suppose To Do If You Are Provoked By Something That I Wrote And Do Not Understand Exactly Where I Am Coming From Thank You.

This Is A Comment That I Received Today Along With My Response: x
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Toby on September 18, 2012 at 10:42 am said:

I’m curious, LaToya… If you feel so strongly against Voodoo (whether it’s the religion, or Hoodoo practices that you are referring to), why you chose the sacred symbol (ve-ve) for Papa Legba as your symbol on this post. Papa Legba is a Voodoo Spirit (called “lwa”), and is the guardian of the crossroads. I’ve been a Voodoo priest for 11 years in Traditional Haitian Voodoo. I am here to say, yes – there is negativity in Voodoo, but all spiritual practices have their negatives.

1) the symptoms that you mention COULD be signs of Black Magic, but they could also be signs that you’re a Manic Depressive, you have bad hygiene, you make poor diet choices, etc. Just because you are experiencing these symptoms doesn’t mean you are a victim of people doing work on you. Which leads me to my next point….

2) looking through many of the posts, I noticed that a number of people used the phrase “I’m a victim” or “i’ve been a victim”. In this new world, it seems people are constantly on the lookout for new ways to be victim, like we need to be victims or something. If my body hurts and aches for a week straight, does it mean I’m a “victim” of black magic? Nah. It MORE THAN LIKELY just means I have the flu. You know, the Influenza virus that’s been around for millions of years…

People do cracky things to other people. It happens. However, the more you put it out to the universe that you’re a “victim” the more victimized you become. You have generated a self-fulfilling prophecy. We’re not always going to be victims. It’s best sometimes to just be you, and understand that life doesn’t always hand us lemonade, but a bucket of really sour lemons.

misslatoya on September 18, 2012 at 11:12 am said:

No Offense, But You Have Deeply Misunderstood Many Things That You Have Read. And I Highly Doubt That You’ve Read Each And Every Post. I Have Over One Hundred Seventy Posts On This Blog.

Number One, I Do Not And Never Have Considered Myself A “Victim” Of Black Magic. I Am Nobody’s Victim. Victim Can Be Used In More Than One Term. When I Used It I Simply Meant I Was Attacked By People Through Witchcraft- And That Is A Definite Fact. I Experienced This. I Am Gifted. I Know. I’ve Had Black Magic Removed.

I Do Not Care If You Claim To Be A Priest, I Was Born With A Caul. I Am Legitimate, Not Someone Who Joined A Faith. I Was Born Into One And I Am Very Proud Of It. This Is My Culture. And I Know Darn Well Who Elegba Is. He Is My Head Orisha.

Second, I Never Said That I Was Against Voodoo. I Do Voodoo. Voodoo Is Beautiful. There Is Good And Bad In Everything In Life. I Am Against Anything That Is Used Unjustly By Negative People.

I Do Not And Have Never Suffered From Any Mental Illness, I Have Great Hygiene, And A Very Healthy Well Balanced Diet. I Have Been A Vegetarian For Over Twenty Years. And I’ve Never Had All Of The Symptoms Listed In The Post. Those Are Just A Number Of Things That Affect Many People Who Are Crossed Up.

Your Comment Was Very Ignorant And Irresponsible Because You Do Not Know Me And Obviously You Are Not Articulate And Keen Enough To Comprehend.

And As Far As The Universe Is Concerned. I Am In Connection With The Universe. I Am Aligned And In Balance. I Am Very Happy And At Peace. I Get Everything That I Want. I Know Way More About Spirituality Than You Do-Trust Me. And I Know Real Babalawos. So Please Do Not Perpetrate With Your Nonsense. You Need To Think Before You Speculate And Make Ignorant Assumptions Because You’ve Just Made An Ass Out Of Yourself.

I Posted The “Symptoms Of Voodoo Black Magic” For People In Particular To Be Aware Of What Is Going On In The World By No Good, Evil, Jealous And Malicious People Who Seek Out To Destroy.

And I Am Glad That The Knowledge Is Out There So That People Will Fight Back And Bind Up That Shit Through The Great Powers Of the Universe.

Check Out Three Of My Posts As An Example:

Sincerely LaToya

Update: This Was The Latest Response In Regards To My Comment-

amarble on September 24, 2012 at 7:45 pm said:

Hi there. No offense, but Elegba and Legba are two different spirits. Orisha does not equal lwa.

I wish you very well, but if you truly do love voodoo and respect its practice, you might want to be more careful about loosely equivocating the word “voodoo” with “black magic” even in casual contexts. I know that you didn’t mean it that way, but most people who approach this stuff with their own preconceptions won’t read things as carefully as they should. Just something to keep in mind.


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