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Maida Suji Ka Halwa (caramel Flour & Semolina Indian Pudding)

By Easyfoodsmith
It feels so good to be backuploading a new post on the blog again. No, I haven’t been busy celebrating my blog-anniversary. It was my cervicalspondylitis that aggravated and kept me out of action. Along with the neck pain, I was hit by nausea and giddiness. But post rest and medication, I am feeling better though not completely fit...yet I simply couldn’t keep off the kitchen! Especially tomorrow being Holi or the festival of colours, I had to prep myself for the celebrations and the feast J
I had all plans of sharing this dessert on my blog’s first anniversary. But my blog anniversary and my guest post coincided thus offering me a very unique way to celebrate my anniversary! I enjoyed every bit of itI was touched and elated by the response I got from everyone to that post. Thank you so much everyone. Your inputs are valued and mean a lot to me.
The other reason I wanted to post this particular dessert was to offer a tribute to my late mother whom I lost to cancer five years back. It was very hard losing hercoz I lost not only my mom but my best friend and also my confidante. There is never a day which passes by without her being in my thoughts. I sorely missed her on my blog anniversary. A passionate foodie herself, I am certain that she would have been thrilled to see my blog. I wonder what inputs she would have given mewhat dishes she would have suggestedwhat critical advice she would have offered…what would have been her favorite post of mineand so much moreMAIDA SUJI KA HALWA (CARAMEL FLOUR & SEMOLINA INDIAN PUDDING)
I thought today would be the right time to share this Indian dessert with you guys since tomorrow is Holi! It gives me a chance to share one of Mom’s hallmarked special desserts. I distinctly remember, as a kid, this halwa was my favorite amongst all halwa preparations that Mom used to dish out. I had nick-named it ‘orange wala halwa’ (the orange halwa) due to its orange hues! So far, I have never tasted or seen anyone preparing the halwa this way. My family absolutely loves this dessert for its inimitable flavours and preparation.
Halwa is a dense sweet dessert usually made with a variety of flours or nuts but you will also find lentils and certain vegetables such as beet root, bottle guard, pumpkins being used to make halwa. It is a popular dessert in Middle East, south Asia, West and Central Asia besides North Africa and Eastern Europe. Halwa is known by various names around the world. It is also called helwa, helva, halewah, halvah, halua, etc.
Here is what you would need to make this delicious halwa:
¾ cup semolina (suji)¼ cup flour (maida)1 cup milk1 cup sugar1 cup clarified butter (ghee)MAIDA SUJI KA HALWA (CARAMEL FLOUR & SEMOLINA INDIAN PUDDING)
Take a deep and preferably broad wok (kadahi). Add the ghee and let it melt. Add sugar and melt it on a low flame. The sugar will caramelise as it melts.
[This process will take approximately 20 minutes (+/-)]In a bowl, mix the semolina and the flour and make a smooth paste. (I carry out this step while the ghee melts) Ensure that the paste is neither thick nor runny. (I added 1 tbsp more milk just before adding the batter to the ghee coz my batter had turned a little thick)Once the sugar has melted add the paste. The tricky part starts here…Using a ladle, carefully and swiftly start mixing the batter with the oil. It will turn lumpy but there is nothing to worry. Keep mixing continually. Increase the flame to medium-low and with the back of the ladle smash the white portions till they get completely incorporated with the caramel. This process will take not more than 2-3 minutes. Halwa is now ready to be served!Please DON’T forget to read the notes.MAIDA SUJI KA HALWA (CARAMEL FLOUR & SEMOLINA INDIAN PUDDING)Note: Keep a ladle (large spoon) ready before you add the paste to the sugar oil mix.Note: I usually use ¾ cup plus 1 tbsp semolina and fill the rest of the cup with flour. This is solely for personal taste. My family likes more semolina in the halwa. Note: Do not reduce the amount of ghee. This is required to help melt the sugar and also for easier assimilation of the semolina paste. Note: Once the halwa gets cooked, it will leave the ghee and you can easily drain it. I removed nearly ¼ cup of amount of ghee from the halwa.Note: Ensure that you do not overcook the sugar, else the halwa can turn bitter in tasteNote: If the batter looks thick gradually add more milk using a table spoon at a time. This is to be done before adding the batter to the sugar-ghee mix.Note: Next time I intend to use caster sugar which I believe would melt faster. You could try that too.Note: You can refrigerate this halwa for a week to 10 days depending on weather. You may add 1-2 tbsp of milk while reheating. Note: This halwa is rich and a little goes a long way!
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