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Maicosuel’s ‘panenka’ Penalty Epic Fail Should Remind Footballers They Are Not All Andrea Pirlo

By Periscope @periscopepost

Maicosuel’s ‘panenka’ penalty epic fail should remind footballers they are not all Andrea Pirlo Italian footballer Andrea Pirlo. Photo credit: hsnuhow

It was bound to happen. This summer’s European Championships were lit up by players like Italy’s Andrea Pirlo executing stunning falling-leaf style ‘panenka’ penalties. And now less-talented players are attempting the highly-risky cheeky chip method of penalty taking pioneered by Czech legend Antonin Panenka in 1976. The results can be personally embarrassing for the player and disastrous for his team. Just ask Udinese’s Brazilian player Maicosuel. His fluffed panenka was easily saved by the Braga keeper and led to his Italian team failing to reach the lucrative UEFA Champions League group stages.

It’s one thing from a Pirlo, Totti or Zidane, but that Maicosuel pen, from a guy who only just joined the club, is almost a sackable offence

— Andrew Orsatti (@AndrewOrsatti) August 28, 2012

Why is Maicosuel foolish? If he’s foolish then so were Pirlo, Ramos et al. It’s much more foolish to judge things on the outcome alone

— Robert Smithson (@_bobeto_) August 29, 2012

It turns out Maicosuel has previous when it comes to (attempting to ) style out penalties:

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