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Magnum Espresso Signature Dark Chocolate Thins

By Kev A @kevvieguy
Magnum espresso dark chocolate thins
I first noticed the Magnum "Thins" range in WH Smiths last year, at full price they're £3.50 a box, which is a lot for 180g of chocolate when it's a mainstream brand like Magnum. I suspected they would eventually get reduced, and at last, they have! They're now half price at £1.74 a box, which includes the Mint and Milk Chocolate varieties.
Magnum espresso dark chocolate thins
Lifting off the outer box I was met with the above...they're very well presented and definitely give an illusion of poshness.
Magnum espresso dark chocolate thins
The box contains "Coffee Flacoured Dark Chocolate Discs with Cocoa Nibs", all of them with a large Magnum "M" logo printed on. The chocolate contains 50% cocoa solids, so they're not really true dark chocolates but semisweet or "plain chocolate".
Magnum espresso dark chocolate thins
They tasted nice enough, but not outstanding and I certainly would've felt ripped off paying £3.50 for a box. They have a nice richness from both the cocoa nibs and coffee extract, but they're a bit lacking in the coffee department to be quite just wasn't as strong as I'd have liked. Still, these were nice enough chocolates, I just wouldn't have been happy paying full price for them.
Overall, these Magnum Espresso Dark Chocolate Thins are okay, but not outstanding and I wouldn't recommend them in particular. Stick to the chocolate bars instead which are far better value for money.
7 out of 10. 

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