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Magic Custard Cake

By Mariealicerayner @MarieRynr
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We have two sets of missionaries here in the Chester Ward (church congregation) area.   A set of two young elders (boys) and a set of two young girls.   I try to feed each couple once a month.  I would feed them more often, but once a month per couple is all we are allowed.
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I do like to spoil them when we have them.  I like to think that if I had children who were out doing missions someone would be taking good care of them, and so I like to take good care of the missionaries who serve here.   They work really hard and sacrifice a lot do to what they are doing, and so I do like to spoil them a bit if I can.
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We had the Sister Missionaries here on Tuesday evening for their tea and so I cooked them a nice dinner, and then for dessert I made this Magic Custard Cake, which I served with some lovely fresh English Strawberries.
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This is such a delicious cake to make . . . I hesitate to call it a cake really . . .  as it is somewhat of a cross between a cake and a pie.   The only thing I guess you could say for certain about it is that it's totally delicious, and very simple to make.  
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It uses simple every day store cupboard ingredients . . .  eggs, flour, sugar, milk . . .  and a bit of melted butter and vanilla.  When you have it all mixed together, you end up with a really thin batter and you think to yourself this is never going to work!  It looks like soup . . .  but . . . when you put it into the oven and bake it something magical happens . . .
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Presto chango!  You end up with the most delicious dessert, which has almost a crust on the bottom . . . the most fabulous custardy layer in the center  . . .  and a thin layer of cake on top.  It really is amazingly marvelous.  I am sure it is chemistry that does it!  But I don't know just what kind of chemistry!
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I only know that we absolutely love it, especially the Toddster!   He especially adores custard tarts and warm custard with his fruit pies and puddings and so this is one of his favorite desserts that I make for him.  You don't have to serve it with strawberries . . .  any fruit will do, and in all truth it's fabulous all on it's own!  Simple ingredients.  Easy to make.  Magically delicious.  You just can't ask for more than that!!
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*Magic Custard Cake*
Makes one 8 inch round cakePrintable Recipe

This is an old recipe for a cake which separates into three layers.  You get a crust on the bottom, custard in the middle and a cake on top.  Dusted with icing sugar and served with fresh berriesit's a delight in the warmer months.  4 large free range eggs at room temperature, separated1 TBS water150g caster sugar (1/2 cup plus 2 TBS)125g of butter, melted (1/2 cup)115g of plain flour (3/4 cup)500ml of milk at room temperature (2 cups)2 tsp vanilla extractTo serve:icing sugar to dustfresh berries    photo SAM_5214_zps188582cd.jpgPreheat the oven to 160*C/325*F/ gas mark 3.   Butter an 8 inch round baking tin very well.  Or line with baking paper and butter the paper.  (Don't be tempted to use a spring form pan as this is a very liquidbatter and it would leak out.  (I used 8 inch round parchment liners which I get from Lakeland.)Beat the egg whites until stiff.In a clean bowl beat together the egg yolks with the sugar, water and vanilla until light.   Beat in the melted butter and beat for one minute.   Beat in the flour.   Add the milk and beat until it is well incorporated.Gently fold in the egg whites to combine.  Pour into the prepared pan.  Bake for about 60 minutes, or until the top is golden brown and a toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean.  Allow to cool in the panfor at least 3 hours prior to serving.   Dust with icing sugar and cut into wedges to serve.  We like fresh summer berries with this.

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By Ken
posted on 09 February at 15:38
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Do you have a printable version of this magic cake

By Ken
posted on 09 February at 15:28
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do you have a printable version of this Magic Custard Cake recipe.

By Donna MacPherson
posted on 17 February at 08:18

Looks delish. Will be making. Thanks for sharing.

By Biya Karmani
posted on 30 August at 18:30

Where did u use custard in it? Please help the recipe is confusing n also the ingredients :(

By Yvonne Murray
posted on 22 May at 23:08

Not successful at all. Way too much butter ! Very disapointing,

By Joy Hendrix
posted on 10 January at 23:59

Go to your web browser. Type Magic Custard Cake. Ingredients much better to work with.

By Gloria Suniga
posted on 09 January at 03:29

I had a hard time understanding this recipe sorry

By Janet Ladner Anderson
posted on 08 January at 17:10

This was the most confusing recipe I ever tried to read!!!!!

By Pam Brown
posted on 07 January at 23:56

Thank you friend I feel fatter already but well content!!x

By Mel Wallace
posted on 05 January at 10:46

Very much like a recipe my mother used to bake - here in Australia it's called "Impossible Pie". Delicious with coconut added too. There is also a savoury version with vegetables, herbs, tuna & cheese!

By Nichole Budin
posted on 03 January at 19:03

Can I also ask how come there r 2 types of measurements pls?....1 in brackets and the other not....

By Melissa Steyn
posted on 03 January at 10:50

Oh wow that was yummy. I made it this morning and my family loved it. Need to bake it slightly longer next time as the centre was still a bit runny, but totally edible.

By Marlene Pearce Firth
posted on 02 January at 10:35

As soon as we've eaten some of the Christmas goodies, will definitely have a go at this recipe, hubby loves custard cakes.

By Ruth Bennett
posted on 02 January at 01:55

Can't wait till the family comes home to make and try it.