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Maggie's Strange Addiction

By Kristy @mileydailyscoop
You've seen the show, right....My Strange Addiction?! The tv series about people who have unusual addictions to drinking nail polish, eating cat food, sniffing moth balls, etc. Totally gross right?!
Well, I live with a real life addict....
Maggie's Strange Addiction
That's right, my sister Maggie....this is her guilty face after she has fulfilled her addiction.
Addiction to what, you ask?
Tissues, but not just any tissues.....USED TISSUES!!!!
I know, I know go ahead and say it....
Here she is in action, she has this down to a science and thinks she has us all fooled!
Maggie's Strange Addiction
Caught by surprise!
Maggie's Strange Addiction
Taking a peek and a sniff...
Maggie's Strange Addiction
Doing the dip and dash....
Maggie's Strange Addiction
.....to the bottom of the stairs to feed her addiction!

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