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Made To Crave Online Bible Study

By Blondie @heyblondieblog

I have not always had issues with eating and my weight. Growing up I could eat anything and everything (out-eating some of the boys i grew up with) and stay the skinny minny that I was. I was a 6x far longer than most girls my age. I was always told it would catch up with me and one day my eating would have to change.
Well, that day came... and I still eat like I always did.
I am an emotional eater. Happy, sad, angry, in a funk, you get the point...
I am ready for this study to help me learn to crave God and not that bag of Oreos.
Made To Crave Online Bible Study
Study details:
1. It's FREE!! Yep, online study with a buncha women on the same journey as you for FREE!
2. Start HERE if you want to sign up for this study!
3. Lysa TerKeurst is Awesome! I have seen her at an Extraordinary Women's Conference and I was hooked!
4. I ordered my book through Amazon and read it on my phone instead of having the physical book. This is the book you are looking for.
Made To Crave Online Bible Study
Won't you join me?
I have finished chapter one and chapter two starts today so I will update on those chapters soon.

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