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Made of Great Tata Gen 3 Cars Geared for Great Fuel Efficiency Test

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Made of Great Tata cars creating history in Fuel Efficiency Test

Made of Great Tata Gen3 four cars are proving their mettle in Fuel Efficiency Test

Tata Passenger Made of Great Gen3 Cars – Bolt, Zest and yet to be launched Tiago undergoing Fuel Efficiency test

While the four Made of Great Tata cars are Geared for Great on endurance and performance, a fifth car, Tata Bolt Petrol in the left most lane had an altogether different mission when the event began this Monday, March 14. The mission for this exclusive car was to test the Efficiency of the car. The process to test efficiency is filling the tank to its peak and then let it keep running till the last drop of petrol gets consumed in this nonstop drive. Obviously, when there is no refuelling like it is happening for the other four cars every 2 hours, this car would come to a halt on the track itself. The car is pulled to the pit work bay with the help of a crane. Tata Bolt Petrol has completed its mission 27 hours of nonstop drive clocking a distance of 1344.1 kilometres and consuming all its 47.45 litres. It landed back at 12.04 pm on March 15. The thundering strength is proven for Tata Bolt Petrol that ran on a full fuel tank for almost 27 hours till it drained totally. The next to go was Tata Zest Petrol for the same test. Everyone at VRDE fast track circuit was eyeing on it to see if it will run for more than 27 hours with a full tank like Tata Bolt Petrol or not.
#Bolt Revotron does an incredible 1,344km on one full tank of petrol on Efficiency run of #GearedForGreat challenge — Sirish Chandran (@SirishChandran) March 16, 2016

Tata Zest Petrol (Revotron) completed the efficiency test by covering 1449.9 kilometres using 48.5 litres of petrol (one full tank) which substantiated to 29.89 kilometres per liter of consumption. What a great feat achieved by both Tata Passenger cars – Tata Bolt Revotron and Tata Zest Revotron. The next to go in the row was the new Tiago Petrol Revotron that is yet to be launched in the market by Tata Motors.

Made of Great Tata Gen 3 Cars Geared for Great Fuel Efficiency Test


The four cars geared for endurance race of Tata’s new gen passenger cars – Zest, Bolt and the upcoming Tiago. Tata Bolt Revotron that ran for efficiency test had just around a minute’s halt at the pit work area every two hours for a change of the driver. On the other hand, the driver change frequency was decreased to every four hours instead of two hours in case of Tata Zest Revotron thereby taking half the time on pit work area as compared to the former.
The #madeofgreat cars have endured 18000km. Exemplary driving sets another record. #GearedForGreat — madeofgreat (@madeofgreat) March 20, 2016

The four cars for endurance are Tata Zest Revotron, Bolt Revotron, and Tiago Revotron Petrol & Diesel. The same is for the efficiency test. While the endurance test is going on in parallel with the four passenger cars roaring at high speed on four different tracks, the fifth track is dedicated to the efficiency test where the cars are proving their efficiency power in a sequential manner. The three cars have already proven the power, fourth one; Tiago Revotorq is on the track. The figures for the two Tiago cars will be revealed after their launch in the market that is about to happen soon.
 47.450 litres of petrol was filled after the Tata Bolt Revotron was brought back in the refuelling area completing its efficiency test. This is the filling up to its neck. When it went for the test 42 litres was filled in the car (probably some petrol would have already been there in the car).

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